the weather is too good to be stuck at class room

Whenever anyone says “the weather is too good to be stuck at work” a certain memory pops into mind.

I was taking a course in Kuwait University one year, and it was a Wednesday. Back then Wednesdays ruled! Well on that day everything was especially glowing; the weather was changing…clouds were crowding the sky. Ah it was a perfect day for an outdoor brunch.

As I was walking to the class with my friend, another friend of ours joined us, and he spoke about how the weather was too good to be stuck in a class room. We all agreed and nodded along until we got to the class.

Three hours later, I was in a car with a bunch of other close friends and we headed to SAS to have brunch. I didn’t attend the rest of the classes that day and kicked the weekend off early. And on our way there we witnessed a car accident, the car turned over and crashed, lots of smoke and stuff, but we weren’t close enough and we continued our way to SAS. We spent a great time that weekend because of the lovely weather. That guy was right, the weather really was too good to be stuck in a classroom.

Come Saturday, a friend and I were walking to our class room, and we stopped at an announcement board to read what’s new. That’s when we saw that A4 paper with the bad news. Our friend who didn’t like being stuck in a class room on a cool weathered Wednesday skipped the rest of that day’s classes, just like I did, and he went to the gulf road instead, just like we did, and he, unlike us, had a car accident there. Passed away on the spot.

I can’t forget how eager and happy he was that it was finally the weekend. May God rest his soul and protect us all.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 at 11:43 am

8 Responses to ““The weather is too good to be stuck in a classroom””

  1. kholoud says:

    Allah yer7emah enshalla, o ya7mena men mot elfaj2a 🙁

  2. Amu says:

    Allah yer7ema enshallah..

  3. FAH-Buzberry says:

    alaah yir7uma inshalaah

  4. Intlxpatr says:

    Yikes. I think I would be too afraid to skip any more classes after that.

  5. FFO says:

    allah yer7uma inshala .. en9edamt 9ij 9ij kelshay ketbat raby !

  6. lendmeurear says:

    That’s really sad. Allahuma inna nas2aluk 7osn al5atima.

  7. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    allah yr7ma! I’m touched wallah, we all say that when it comes to a beautiful weather that u just can’t miss! and u start gazing at the class room window, hoping that the prof. would dismiss u early. my excuse to the prof is: Sir have u seen the weather today??!!

  8. Scotch says:

    Allah yer7uma enshala