We went to Wagamama restaurant in 360 mall the other day, and we chose to sit outside. They have this outdoor sitting area with a nice atmosphere. I enjoyed the setting even though it’s in a closed place and I thought it’s very nice place to have your meal, but you have to go prepared with heavy clothes since it’s cold this time of the year.

You have to order their Chicken Katsu Curry. I’m not familiar with the restaurant, but my brother told me that this dish is a must among Kuwaitis, so I ended up listening to him. I liked it, and the idea of having breaded chicken with rice and curry is new to me.

I also liked their Yaki Udon which is basically a noodle dish with lots of things including chicken and little microscopic shrimps.

The food was good and the outdoor seating area is a nice change.


This entry was posted on Friday, December 25th, 2009 at 8:54 pm

7 Responses to “Wagamama’s Outdoor Seating”

  1. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Oh man! My brother keeps talking about Wagamama the one in London. And he mentioned their curry chicken. He likes this place so much that he bought their red shirt! lol (maku ela arou7 ma3ah since hes a regular customer, and fill u in with what he recommends. lol)

  2. ana re7t o mala7atht enna 3ndhoom ga3da outdoor !!

  3. Mickey says:

    lazm ajerbah bgrb wgt b3d 🙁

  4. ME Blogging says:

    offfffff the outdoor seating is amazing
    but I didn’t like the food
    I should try their Chicken Katsu Curry that everyone is talking about.

  5. sous_lb says:

    The place is definitely way over rated, I went there and the food was nothing special, especially that since I came to Kuwait I believe that the food here tastier than anywhere I have been. They have alot of competition.

  6. Yousef says:

    Wa6n_3Mri let me know how it goes and what to order the next time!

    ½ Cream Milk 😛

    Mickey tharory

    Me Blogging the Chicken Katsu Curry is not a GREAT dish, but I like it a lot.. it has this quality where you can’t get enough of it (yet not so great of a dish)

    sous_lb I thought it was a nice addition to the chinese restaurants scene 🙂

  7. M&Ms says:

    MUST try it..
    in london i couldnt try much from the menu, yet it was Delicious experience