Was reading Nemo’s blog and came across this, sounds good with the 2-4 Mbps for only 235 KD/yr they said it depends on the line it self if i can handle up to 4 Mbps. If you are wishing to subscribe with them, then head directly to Info Connect.



Yes from now on you can design your own blog/site….ect. iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App. with THIS site all you need to do is to open an account with them and go through the process of designing the theme, colors and even the logo of your blog. Then they will do the rest and they will submited to Apple to get the approval for you.


I didn’t know there was a different ending to the Titanic movie. I just saw it and thank God the director, James Cameron, decided not to go with it, coz it would’ve ended the movie on a totally different note.

The original ending is perfect. I love Titanic!


One of my best lenses fell (along with the camera.. Gasp!) on the cold harsh asphalt outside our house, and pieces of little things rolled out of it’s little body.. Poor little thing. I’m over dramatizing by the way coz I’m gonna throw it away and buy another one just like it. ThankGod nothing happened to the camera, coz it fell along with the lens, very tough camera! Mashallah.

This is the last picture I took before the fall. Isn’t it just captivating? 😛

This lens is the best investment I’ve made when it comes to buying things for my camera. I think it’s a great lens for 2 reasons: First because it’s really cheap compared to the other lenses, secondly, I love this lens coz it makes dull pictures look good and makes me look like a great photographer, not that I’m not, but yeah it makes me look even better 😛

I loved it and I’m gonna buy a new one just like it. it’s $99 and I highly recommend it.

I’ve taken These pictures with this lens.



Today just spotted one of the newest private petrol station in Kuwait, its located near Al-Reqqa area and still its under construction but they choose orange to be their favorite color, lets hope they’re coming up with something new.


One of the funniest apps on iPhone, It artificially ages faces in photos. Check out the video above to see how it works.


It was announced that Avatar is now the top grossing movie of all time, right? Well it isn’t.

The above list is of the real top grossing movies of all time. Why is it different? Because it takes the inflation factor into account and re-stacks the the movies according to that. [interesting link]

Although Avatar is not updated into the list yet, it was reported that it just passed Titanic, and you can clearly see where Titanic rank on the list above. So yeah, it’s got a long way to go before it topples Gone with the Wind; the real top grossing movie of all time.

Full List


As expected Apple just announced their latest product which is the iPad


  • Display: 9.7 inch IPS
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • 0.5 inches thin
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Accelerometer and Compass
  • Speaker, Microphone, and 30 pin connector
  • WiFi 802.11n
  • Processor: 1GHz Apple A4 chip
  • Storage: 16-64GB Flash
  • Full capacative multi-touch
  • All software iPhone/iPod Touch will be compatible with the iPad.

Full Pricing:

  • 16GB, Wi-Fi-only version costs KD145
  • 32GB, Wi-Fi-only version costs KD 172
  • 64GB, Wi-Fi-only version costs KD 200
  • Pricing increases by KD38 to add 3G.


The Wi-Fi-only models ship in 60 days, while 3G models will start shipping in 90


Pictures of the AlDoha’s accident, which resulted in 5 deaths so far and 10 injuries transferred to AlFarwaniya hospital.

Allah ykafekom eshar.

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Ok, so yesterday there was this woman attending an art class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in newyork, and while she was near one of the paintings, it happened to be Picasso’s “The Actor” painting, she fell on it and caused a 6 inch tear to the painting. “The Actor” is worth an estimated 130 Million. The woman went to court and was sentenced to 70 years in jail.

Nah! that last part is a joke 😛 But imagine if it was you who fell and tore the painting. I’d die on the spot.


Thanks Taymoor


Google kw shows Kuwait’s flag colors.


Thanks Noureddine




Last week’s sentence was carried out and he was executed this morning.

“Ali Hassan al-Majid was notorious for the gassing of more than 5,000 Kurds in 1988 and other brutal campaigns”

“Majid first ordered the use of chemical weapons – mustard gas, sarin and VX – in 1987, culminating in the attack on Halabja. By the end of the Kurdish campaign in 1988 about 4,000 villages had been destroyed, an estimated 180,000 Kurds killed and about 1.5 million deported. He was nicknamed Chemical Ali by Iraqi Kurds, who also called him the Butcher of Kurdistan” – Guardian

Thanks Khalid




Kuwait Stock Exchange have announced today that Kout Food Group have signed a contract with Yum Brands Inc, to develop and open Taco Bell restaurants in Kuwait. According to the contract, the company will open 15 Taco Bell restaurants all over Kuwait City in the next 3 years.

Thanks Fawaz & Taymoor



We’ve been contacted by a young Kuwaiti girl who is starting her own fitness class for weightloss and getting in shape. Read below if you’re interested:

“Hi I’m Duaa Husain, I’m a 22 year old, Kuwaiti girl. I’m a black belt 3 Dan kyokushin karate player, i’ve been practicing karate for 17 years and participated in many tournaments locally, internationally, and world tournaments. I have a passion for fitness.

I’m starting my own fitness class for women. The class is for women only with a purpose of losing weight and getting in shape. This class is not like the usual classes we see in gyms; its very intense, using only bodyweight with no equipments. At the end of each month, members of the class will participate in challanges to test their fitness and weightloss progression.

If you’re ready to push yourself! commit! and see real results this is the class for you!!!

The class takes place at AL Danah Bilingual School in salwa block 1, street 100. Class is held every sunday, tuesday, and thursday from 6pm to 7pm. I urge each member to attend 10 minutes earlier for regestration. Next month’s session begins on February 9th.”

1 month= 100 KD
1 day tryout= 10 KD

For more information contact:
mobile: 97505709
email: q8bfit@hotmail.com


I’m sure most of you are annoyed out of your mind by flies when you’re outdoor, and so are we. We tried everything but nothing works better than this thing pictured above. All you need to do is pour some in a plate and place it somewhere close. The pesticide that looks like brown sugar attract the flies and once they get a taste, they’re doomed. It works wonderfully.

How does it work:
“The insect, attracted by the sugary granules and the sex pheromone contained in the bait, licks them and gets rapidly poisoned.”

This is how it should look like awhile later, LINK.

I got it from Abdali Co op, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere closer if you looked.

We tried something else that did not work


This guy is my favorite late show entertainer. Ironically he’s been taken off the air and replaced by Jay Leno because the ratings sucked and he wasn’t pulling in the numbers, yet his final show pulled in a record breaking numbers. Do you think people watched his final show coz they knew they’re gonna miss him? or to gloat and watch him take his last breath on NBC’s late night shows.

Either way, He’ll be back soon, hopefully! Yep I’m a fan of his.


There is this guy who is so obsessed with Nicolas Cage to the point that he started a blog and is photoshopping Cage’s face onto everyone else’s. The blogger is committed to his project and he believes that his blog is “Founded on the belief that everything in life would be better with a little more Nic Cage, the most unique and versatile actor of his generation.”

The blogger explained his love for Nicolas Cage:
“It began when it was brought to my attention that I was ‘obsessed’ with Nic Cage, meaning that I brought him up in conversation nearly everyday in our carpool. I think he’s a fascinating and unique actor, even when he’s in big budget films that people don’t necessarily deem ‘good.’ The great thing about Nic Cage is that, like in his films, no matter ‘who he is,’ he’s still essentially Nic Cage.”

Nicolas Cage was told about this blogger and the project. Cage’s comment:
“I think it’s genius and I am deeply honored.”

Check out Nic Cage as Everyone



Food Circle will be opening soon in Mishref, Its basically a food court but a bit fancier, where it will contain names like fridays and the likes instead of the usual fast food chains. All under one roof.




Giorgio Armani will be opening the first Armani Hotel in Dubai, in Burj Khalifa, on the 18th of march 2010.

“Covering 40,000 square meters, the prestigious Armani Hotel Dubai will feature 160 guestrooms and suites, an Armani/SPA, a Private Members’ Club, five restaurants and a nightclub. In addition, it will boast 144 exquisite one and two bedroom Armani Residences.

“Located in Burj Dubai, the tallest tower in the world, the Armani Residences Dubai will be at the heart of Downtown Burj Dubai development, with access to The Dubai Mall, breathtaking views of The Dubai Fountain and many other attractions.”

For reservations Armani Hotels

Thanks Om Hamoody


INM just spotted Electrozan’s newest branch where Holiday Inn Hotel located, its actually near the parking of the hotel it self.

For those who don’t know which Holiday Inn, Its the one infront of Showbiz near the sea.

Thanks INM