We have reviewed DHL EasyShop back back in 2008 when it was called DHL @ Home Service. Back then it was different. There was no tracking system and no website to go with the service. The prices they charged were a joke and their packages get stuck in customs every single time.

Now to the current rebranded forwarding service, DHL EasyShop. I read about it in more than a blog and you can notice that people are just frustrated with Aramex and are reaching for something else, not sure what aramex did to break the camels back, but I welcome change if there is something new and better. I consider the rebranded DHL service new because it took what was potentially a great forwarding service and actually made it a great service. So many things has changed and it’s mostly for the better.

I ordered 5 packages and had them sent to DHL, all 5 were light; 3 below 0.5KG and 2 above. This is what I have to say about the service:


1-The tracking system is great. Just great. Very detailed. I had it connected to my mobile so that every update gets pushed to the iPhone and it worked perfectly.

2-The pickup place doesn’t close till 12am which is very convenient for those of you, who like myself, have to work till after 4pm.

3-The shipping takes exactly 4 days. I had 5 packages, each shipped separately with a different tracking number, and all 5 of them took 4 days to arrive.

4-The price I paid for the 5 packages was very reasonable. I paid KD22.5.


1-They don’t deliver.

2-They found only 2 out of the 5 packages at first, and I had to look for and provide all the tracking numbers for all of the 5 packages in order to find them.

I find this experience with dhl enough to make me switch.


This entry was posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 12:05 am

9 Responses to “DHL EasyShop Second Impression”

  1. Frankom says:

    Welcome to the club man enjoy the ride 🙂

    DHL all the way

  2. enigma says:

    If I’m not mistaken, they do deliver, you just have to request it.

  3. Mishary says:

    Frankom, thanks … Ta’akhart wala elmafrooth men zemaan!!

    Enigma, no they don’t. Just asked them and they reply with no 🙁

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  5. cali says:

    so did they or did they not change their pricing methods? like mark mentioned

  6. Mishary says:

    cali, it seems not.

  7. J.H.D says:

    DHL/BorderLinx in Saudi Arabia

    It does calculate the size, and (the cost is painfully)

    I have ordered some items through DHL BorderLinx (Easy Shop) to Saudi Arabia —– very very very high cost and for nothing but silley policy

    Here is the rate:

    First half kilo = 70 SAR
    each extra half kilo = add extra 35 SAR

    for volumetric calculation
    convert the size into weight:

    L (cm) * W (cm) * D (cm) / 5000

    then take the higher value of the weight vs. size in kilo


    A package which is 4.5 Kilos and the size is
    Length = 50 cm /// Width = 40 cm /// Depth = 30 cm
    volumetric weight will be (50 * 40 * 30) / 5000 = 12 Kilo
    So this package will cost (35 + (70 * 12)) = 875 SAR + Dutty

    which will end with more than 900 SAR

    Believe it, it happened with me when I purchased a Mother Board from ANTOnline, then UPS Packaged that mother-board in larger cartoon,

    The original size of the MotherBoard Cartoon is
    34cm * 27.3cm * 8.5cm

    Volumetric size = 1.58 Kilos

    The original motherboard pack Size converted into weight was less than 2 kilo , the actual weight was less than 4 kilos, the calculation is weight based because weight is higher and that was supposed to be around 315 SAR + dutty, but because of size of the larger cartoon that UPS has used to pack my Item then BorderLinx calculated that delivery as 10.3 Kilo which costs over 770 SAR + dutty = 830 (notice that dutty fees are weight related, because of larger cartoon, even dutty became higher)

    The silly thing about DHL/BorderLinx, that they DON’T have repackaging amd they will refuse to open your order and repack it in smaller pack, because it is against thier policy.

    So I have ended up paying 800 SAR for empty cartoon – Imagine that.

    They told me, it was my responsibility to tell the seller to pack it in smaller cartoon, but the seller actaully handle it to UPS without packing and UPS do the packing up, UPS use larger packs for Items to ensure more safety and to avoid item damages, and how I will explain that to DHL or even UPS.

    BorderLinx/DHL people are bunch of idiots, I have even called BorderLinx in USA, and they are never helpfull, they just receive, register then send. they never bother about the customer satisfaction.

    on the other hand it is very fast, but only because the carier is DHL. BorderLinx service itself is not professional at all.

    I need any help from the people in this blog, to tell me how to fix 5 packages for only 250 SAR like what Mishary did, and what the picture shows…. (jehad_refaie at yahoo) …. I am speaking really, If I could fix the cost somehow, the service is very great.

  8. Makiko says:

    I have used http://www.myus.com for years to KSA and they work great. The deliveries are done by DHL or FedEx (you choose) and they have many other services.

    has anyone else compared the two services?

  9. Brooke says:

    If you would like to try MyUS.com, we’ll waive the Setup Fee ($20) with a Premium Membership. Go to http://www.MyUS.com/QBdiscount for the discount to be applied*.

    Beyond consolidating your packages, we offer a personal shopper service so you can access all the stores and US products you want, low rates, and excellent customer service. Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to your membership!

    *Discount Expires 3/22/10