A good Macbook Air offer caught my attention on an ad by Electrozan. As you can see on the right ad the Air is up for KD249, which was a great bargain. I called a friend who was interested in the Air and told him about the offer. But then I saw another ad today, the left one, with a much higher price, KD549. I don’t know if this was a typo or just an offer for an old Air that ended.

Can someone clarify?


This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 at 10:33 pm

7 Responses to “Electrozan’s Macbook Air Ad?”

  1. reem says:

    maybe it was sold out

  2. enigma says:

    typo.. i believe 249 is the price of the white macbook

  3. armagadon says:

    meshary, what do u think abt this mac air … is it good for a mac first timer ? (i never used mac, but liked the iphone )

  4. ToOta78 says:

    Walh me too 7ayraaana I would like to get one any one help us about which one is the best

  5. Meshari – I spotted this a couple of weeks back! I was shocked! 250 for macbook air I was on the way to get it..

    A colleague at work called them and they said it’s a mistake and they didn’t even have it in stock at that day!!!!

    I feel its a bluff to try to attract people to their stores!

  6. Marwan Qasem says:

    Do u guys know wat’s the price now for macbook white

  7. koko says:

    how much is the macbook pro 13 inch in electrozan ?