I just read this interesting story about potato chips. Now, let’s see… Back in 1853, a chef named George Crum was working at a resort in New York and He served french fries on that restaurant. The french fries were somewhat new to the scene then, it was popular in France since the early 1700’s but was brought to America by Thomas Jefferson in the late 1700’s coz he was appointed as an ambassador to France then. Anyway.

The chef on one of those nights had a customer ordering french fries only to return them once they arrived to his table, claiming the fries were too thick for his taste. The chef did another batch of fries, thinner this time, but then again the customer wasn’t satisfied with the second batch either. The chef was furious and wanted to teach that customer a lesson, so he made a special super thin and crispy fries so the customer won’t be able to handle them with a fork. The chef’s revenge plan did not work the way he intended, the customer was extremely happy with the crispy paper-thin fries. Other customers who saw that dish started ordering the new kind of potato chips too. The new thin potato chips soon appeared on the restaurant’s menu as house specialty.


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  1. SWeetD says:

    AMOOT 3ala il BU6a6 thank God for that rude customer:P

  2. nemo says:

    wow interesting 🙂

  3. KA fan says:

    What happened to the chef? Did he become rich or something? 😀

  4. Danderma says:

    interesting… now the question should be… should the credit of inventing the chips go to the Chef or the fussy customer? or both?

  5. alia alomani says:

    so another soal , how did chocolates start ?

  6. Sn3a says:

    suddenly 9ert abee akel lay’s chili potato chips ..

  7. 1001Nights says:

    That is such a cool story 🙂

    Ok yulla now tell us about Ketchup!

  8. ngree says:

    With “filfil qrash bo deech” and a dash o lemon ,, wow ,, It’s my favorite snack.

  9. Summer says:

    cool, topic!!
    I can imagine eating potato chips with a fork and knife!!!

  10. lulu says:

    thanks for the info… yum i love shipss..

  11. Scotch says:

    I owe good ol’ goergy my life, thanks to him we have KITCO 🙂

    Amazing Info, thanks.