I just read this interesting story about potato chips. Now, let’s see… Back in 1853, a chef named George Crum was working at a resort in New York and He served french fries on that restaurant. The french fries were somewhat new to the scene then, it was popular in France since the early 1700’s but was brought to America by Thomas Jefferson in the late 1700’s coz he was appointed as an ambassador to France then. Anyway.

The chef on one of those nights had a customer ordering french fries only to return them once they arrived to his table, claiming the fries were too thick for his taste. The chef did another batch of fries, thinner this time, but then again the customer wasn’t satisfied with the second batch either. The chef was furious and wanted to teach that customer a lesson, so he made a special super thin and crispy fries so the customer won’t be able to handle them with a fork. The chef’s revenge plan did not work the way he intended, the customer was extremely happy with the crispy paper-thin fries. Other customers who saw that dish started ordering the new kind of potato chips too. The new thin potato chips soon appeared on the restaurant’s menu as house specialty.


Amazon.com Inc is to sell its larger Kindle electronic reader, aimed at students, businesspeople and newspaper readers, in more than 100 countries for $489, following the rollout of its original device last year.Source

Do you think there is a market for it in Kuwait?

Personally, I can’t buy this device. It wouldn’t be healthy for my wallet. I have plenty of books I bought from abroad and they’re all waiting on my bookshelf to be read. I just can’t afford having this device and the access to the huge selection of books.

But then again, for book lovers this would be their savior. We all know the state of bookshops in Kuwait. This might be heaven sent for them if it reached and worked in Kuwait.


Yes its real and its good for these days! If you get cold these days and have an iPhone, you can use it as a portable heater. This application makes the iphone hot so it can provide a heat wave every time you feel cold. You can purchase it by clicking HERE.

Can your precious Blackberry do that?


A good Macbook Air offer caught my attention on an ad by Electrozan. As you can see on the right ad the Air is up for KD249, which was a great bargain. I called a friend who was interested in the Air and told him about the offer. But then I saw another ad today, the left one, with a much higher price, KD549. I don’t know if this was a typo or just an offer for an old Air that ended.

Can someone clarify?




I like this ad.


SOMEcontrast was mentioned on AlWatan Daily newspaper on it’s 4th of january edition. We were mentioned along with our friends 4RingRoad, Buzberry and Frankom in an article that discusses blogs censorship.

I think getting real reactions from the people is something invaluable, why would anyone want to give that privilege up is beyond me. Just like some of the movies. Why not censor them a bit more? make it shorter, less meaningful, cut out another hug! but blogs?

Just like our friends at 4thringroad, we have nothing to be censored, unless maybe now they’re going after those blogs who always rap about good and bad restaurants? Oh no.. They’re going to censor bad reviews! *insert a sarcastic emoticon*

Picture taken from Buzberry

Here is the link to the article in AlWatan Daily or read it below


We received this email and were asked to share it with you:

“Dear Readers

We are undertaking a personal campaign to raise KD75, 000 to cover the costs of a bone marrow transplant and hospitalisation for Farah, an 11 year old Egyptian girl who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2005 and underwent chemotherapy treatment at NBK hospital with a very good chance of making a full recovery. Unfortunately she has had two relapses since then and a bone marrow transplant, which is not available in Kuwait, is now her only chance of survival. To achieve this I am looking for 150 people to each raise KD500 from their families and friends within one week. Monies should be delivered to Cheryl at the KACCH office (to ensure the donations are properly accounted for ) with name and contact details for receipts. I would be very grateful for your support and speedy response because although Farah is currently in remission she could relapse at any time so the window of opportunity is very small, and I believe she deserves this chance to live.

Thank you

Cheryl office: 22464723

We can make this happen. If only 10,000 people participated with as little as KD7.5 We can make this happen.

Fellow bloggers this is a good cause and a good karma, let’s spread this around and hope for the best!


One of my favorite horror movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, will have a new movie out soon. This one looks like its going to be a prequel. The people behind this movie are showing us the for the first time exactly what happened prior to Freddy Krueger’s death.

Thank God for the greedy people at Hollywood! Transforming cartoons to movies, making sequels, trilogies, and even remakes of our old favorites.

I just hope this one doesn’t disappoint. I would’ve preferred Wes Craven to be the director since he’s the one behind the good sequels, but so far, and excluding Freddy’s ridiculous face, I like what I’ve seen in the trailer.

The movie will hit the theaters on 30.04.2010


Yes, it’s back! 9K2HN found it in Kaifan’s co-op with a production date of 25th of Dec. New and fresh

4thringroad made a similar post earlier.


I took these pictures in AlZour area while passing by last weekend. I like what he did with the windows. Sometimes less is more! Simple tweaks like the engraved shutters on this house look nice! and probably costs nothing.

What a difference between the house above and this house HERE. Yikes!


While we all were celebrating new year (I wouldn’t call me and 5 other friends watching tv a celebration.. but whatever) my cousin was in Makkah for Omrah. He happened to be in the right place at the right time to witness this twice a year ritual of cleaning the Kaabah.

He said the place was swarming with guards and all kind of people turned up for the event. Look at all the people with their cameras and mobiles up!

Thanks 7antoosh


American eagle first branch in Kuwait in march - alshaya

I posted a few months ago that Alshaya got a franchising agreement to get the American eagle to Kuwait & the Middle east.

My friend just told me that it’s going to open it’s first branch in Kuwait in march. It’ll be in the Avenues mall, and it’ll take Topman’s location.

It’ll also open it’s first branch in Dubai, 10 days before Kuwait’s.

Thanks Taymoor


“Members of the public will be able to watch the inauguration of Burj Dubai on January 4, 2010 from the adjacent Burj Park Island.” – Emaar

The years have gone by pretty quickly! I remember being near that piece of land and watching the constructions as they began turning it into what it is today. I’m looking forward to watch what this building is really like from the inside.

Thanks loco


StarBucks Kuwait have finally established their drive thru service which is good move because many people were waiting for this to begin, it is located next to Gulf Road McDonald’s.

Thanks ANM


We at SOMEcontrast wish you all the best in 2010 and don’t forget to wish a Happy Birthday to Yousef coz our lucky boy’s birthday is on new year! Happy Birthday Yousef! 🙂