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Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte Annual Screwup

I love having toffee nut latte from starbucks and I look forward to it every year around november, it’s only available around christmas time, but there is a thing they do that annoys me.

The Toffee nut latte is different from regular lattes because they add 2 more ingredients. Only 2 things they add to transform this normal latte into a toffee nut latte. These 2 things are the toffee nut syrup, and the crunchy toffee sprinkles that they sprinkle on top. My problem is, the sprinkles has ran up, it’s out of stock in both of the two branches that I go to, but when I’m placing my order they don’t bother informing me that they no longer carry the sprinkles, they just go ahead, charge me the full amount and start preparing the toffee nut latter minus one of the two main ingredients.

If these 2 ingredients are what makes it a different drink, how can they take one out without informing the customer? This has happened the last year as well. Why not take it off the menu then?

I called some of the branches (all of Kuwait’s 71 branches are listed HERE) and I couldn’t find the sprinkles in any of the ones I called. I asked and one of the employees said “It’s been out of stock for over 2 weeks now” Another employee said “it’s out of stock for a week. Try one of the smaller branches some may still have them.”

I just wanted to know why are they still selling them if they’re missing 1 of the 2 ingredients. Eventually I called this one starbucks employee who was nice enough to get straight to the point “We’re trying to finish what is left of the toffee nut latte syrups and sprinkles because we should be done with this promotional drink by the 26th.. We’re having an offer on the syrup as well, it used to be KD3 and now it’s for KD1.250.”

So they’ve been selling their halfhearted promotional drink because they want to get rid of the remaining syrups before the deadline.