WhatsApp application released their official version for BlackBerry today. You can get it from BlackBerry World App for 850 Fils. If you have no idea what this application is for, let me tell you, its simply an iPhone to iPhone, BB to BB, and an iPhone to BB chat messenger.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 at 9:46 pm

40 Responses to “WhatsApp Officially For BlackBerry”

  1. bood says:

    ma5alaw shay !

  2. Aurous says:

    blackberry appworld works in kuwait?
    I couldn’t download it.. :/

  3. Om FasoOoL says:

    wein .. sawait search ma legaita ???

  4. Hamad says:

    appworld isnt available for kuwait yet but on the app page http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/2360
    it says “supported countries = all countries” so i think u might be able to get it.

  5. Q says:

    Did you try to chat from BB to iphone?

  6. enigma says:

    ouch… 1 point for Blackberry

  7. brownsuger says:

    will it work with the iphone ???

  8. Mishary says:

    Q, Yes just tried it.

    Om FasoOoL, Walla I did the search and I found it, OkI will update the post with the way of installing the right World App to get WhatsApp.

    Aurous, Download it tara it worth!

    brownsuger, Yes it was working with the iPhone originally and now the make it to work for both!

  9. Hameed popkins says:

    you can download the software from crackberry this is the link:

  10. Aurous says:

    How can I download AppWorld to my BB?

  11. um-mit3ib says:

    ee wala mishary write the steps plz for downloading it .. world app ma yishtighil 3inde

  12. copernicus says:

    how do i makeing this one download??

  13. sarah says:

    how can i install the app on my bb?

  14. Hashem says:

    i had a link 2 download cracked whatsapp for free and it’s working perfectly but the link got deleted .. dose anyone have a link like that ?

  15. comlab says:

    I’m looking too for a whatsapp for blackberrry download link. Can’t get it the official way in my country. Pls post if you have a link. Thank you

  16. M says:

    I received a link for a free download of WhatsApp for BB, I downloaded it directly from my BB and it’s working successfully.


    Good luck with it!

  17. Thanks 'M' says:

    Thanks M!! been looking for that for a while… thanks! 🙂

  18. Temo says:


    Where tu put on the browser or how to download to my bb thank you.

  19. Temo says:

    Okay i download but when i put the number its that its going To send a message and stay there what i doing wrong? Help me

  20. n says:

    I installed whatsapp from the above link and it installs ok.. I put in my number and after that when it says its initializing it goes on and on for hours..

  21. N says:

    I downloaded it and it installs ok, but it gets stuck at initialization.. The dots keep going on and on on registration..

  22. M says:

    Comlab, just an advice, DO NOT reboot your BB or you’ll lose it!

    N – I rebooted my phone yesterday and I lost it, it started to Initialize again and the final 2 steps were taking forever to download and it didn’t work!… They probably are not operating this link anymore. Sorry:(

  23. Temo says:

    Why we will try this link its for bb app store all people have it , we are taliking about the whats app that stay ours on registration and dosent work any body can help to resolve the problem thank you. to all posts

    Try this link:


    Got it from http://www.blog37.net/blog/?p=1344

  24. Temo says:

    Any body can help me with the problem i am on mexico , and icant install the app , i really like to have it onmy bb thank you please help.

    I download but when i put my number stays on …… the message sending to activation and never been actavate.

  25. kleineschurk says:

    Just downloaded the .jad and it installed like a charm. Thanks

  26. sous_lb says:

    kleineschurk :
    which .jad file worked like a charm?

  27. comlab says:

    HI all, yes I can confirm the “registering problem” with the Whatsapp version from the download link above. Don’t know why this is. First I thougth my carrier is the problem, but after I read that some of you have the same problem, I think What’sapp blocked this version. Anyway, I’m still looking for a vaild download link. The BB app store is not option for me, I was able to “hack” install the App World on my BB, but What’s app is a paid applicaiton and on my BB App World apperas only “free” Apps. My country is not official supported by the App Store, what a shame. Please let us know if someone find a valid download link of Whatsapp. Greetings

  28. A says:

    I get the same problem as some people above!
    I formatted my Blackberry Bold 9700 and downloaded WhatsApp again.. I put my number and it didn’t send me a message! Then it goes on registering and stuff and takes forever with it’s small dots!! What to do ??

  29. lost says:

    Is there any other ota link ….

  30. melissa says:

    thanks for your link !!!!! ; ))
    been trying so hard to dl the app but have been facing errors.. !!

    you made my day !

  31. Daz says:

    hey guys, any reply? everyone has the same problem=( help someone!

  32. Sui says:

    I can’t seem to open the link… need help!!

  33. Gerardo says:

    heyyy I installed many times from differents links and remains registering with small dots.. anybody can helpme what to do???

    many thanks

  34. dodo says:




  35. rara says:

    It seems it only works on WiFi… I live in saudi arabia and as you know we don’t have a proper BIS… so I think this is the problem!!

  36. raraaa says:

    It seems it only works on WiFi… I live in saudi arabia and as you know we don’t have a proper BIS… so I think this is the problem!!

  37. Leeza says:

    still won’t work on my Bold 9700. Same problem as a lot of others…stuck in stage 2 of the initializing process.

  38. Leeza says:

    I just got this response when I emailed support telling them i was stuck in stage 2 of the initializing process!

    Please go through ALL of these WhatsApp Messenger BlackBerry troubleshooting tips one by one very carefully! It is important that you thoroughly check all 10 of these settings for proper configuration followed by a reboot of your device (removing the battery for 15 seconds is a good way to reboot). Those who do all 10 end up with 99% success rate of resolving their Blackberry mis-configuration issues.

    0. make sure you have deleted old copy, rebooted your device and re-installed latest version 2.3 from http://www.whatsapp.com/ota/

    1. make sure that Options > Mobile Network > Data Services are set to On

    2. make sure that Options > Security Options > Firewall > Status is Disabled and Block Incoming Messages are not enabled

    3. make sure that Options > Security Options > Application Permissions > WhatsApp > Edit Permissions is set to Allow for everything.

    4. make sure that Options > Security Options > General Settings > Content Compressions is Disabled

    5. make sure that Options > Security Options > General Settings > Content Protection is Disabled (or if Enabled, Include Contacts is excluded and set to No)

    6. for insufficient network coverage error, check out http://www.google.com/search?&q=insufficient+network+coverage+blackberry

    7. make sure that everything is enabled under Options > Advanced Options > Browser Push

    8. make sure that APN is configured correctly under Options > Advanced Options > TCP (see http://www.google.com/search?q=apn+blackberry for more)

    9. make sure you have radio data activation enabled: http://bit.ly/900tM2

  39. kk says:

    understand it costs $, can advise how much to use whatsApp on BB?