Where I work I have to use the elevator in the parking everyday. The elevator is big and could fit well over 7 people, which is good, considering we’re always in a hurry to get to work or back to our cars. So, I, being the great person that I am, always let the ladies get in and out first.

One time, as I was waiting for the elevator, a nice lady waiting next to me talked to me and told me “I always see you letting the girls in first. You shouldn’t do that, they’re unappreciative” I couldn’t agree more. Some of you girls are just pathetic. (Keyword: Some)

When I show the common courtesy of allowing a lady to enter an elevator before I do, it by no means indicates that it’s alright for some idiots waiting for the elevator to pass me, and fill the elevator, leaving me stranded without a lift!

I don’t know why some of the girls don’t get the concept behind this nice thing, some of the men, do. My willingness to let you in first does not mean I’m willing to wait for the next elevator, and it does not mean I enjoy letting you in first.. It just mean that I’m willing to let one woman go in ahead of me out of politeness. It’s not an open invitation for all the ignorant women waiting behind me to stampede their way in!

If you were ever behind a guy who was waiting for the elevator ahead of you:

  1. STAY behind him.
  2. WAIT for him to let you in first.
  3. DON’T crowd the elevator entrance.
  4. BE THANKFUL when someone let’s you in first!

Some of the girls make me think twice before being polite again! It’s no wonder that common courtesy isn’t so common anymore! God!


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  1. El Shahlab says:

    Many – many, not all – women think that it is their God given right to enter the elevator before men. That’s why you don’t hear a thank you.
    However, I saw an interview long time ago about elevator etiquette, which was an American show since we only follow western etiquette, that you are not obliged to let women enter before you. Who comes first enters first.
    Ain’t women calling for equality with men after all? So they shouldn’t be upset if we do just that : )

    btw, I really like your blog. I write restaurant reviews on my blog sometimes as well. So if you want to know about restaurants in the UAE you’re welcome.

    El Shahlab

  2. MiYaFuSHi says:

    sorry but I am confused, if you let 1 woman in, why are you angry at HER for the other women that follow?
    She doesn’t control them.

    Also, why only 1 woman? I mean how do you choose? I guess people assume that you want all women ahead of you.

    ~ As a woman who worked in a mixed workplace, I would advise you to use the first come, first in. But once you enter the elevator, hold the OPEN button, and make ROOM for the ladies. I personally would appreciate that more.
    Reason being, is I hate getting in first, then having the elevator fill with men, while I am squished in the back, especially if I have to get out first, and I have to end up rubbing shoulders.

  3. ngree says:

    Well, honestly, before I was doing the same, but now, I treat girls like any other men.. since they got their political right  “ I know it’s funny” so if I’m waiting the elevator and it happen that I’m the first one who pushed the button well I will be the first to enter, I will let others pass in front of me only for disable people, or pregnant women .
    But again it depend on the situation. 

  4. Delly says:

    even though im a woman,, i’d like to say LATA36EEHOM wayh!

  5. Danderma says:

    usually when a man steps aside to let a woman pass… he refuses to enter the elevator unless all the other women in the vicinity passes… even in Europe, you would look at him and he says Please as in yalla go … maybe thats why the ladies assumed that since you let one woman pass you will net set one foot in the elevator unless they all pass… but if u want only the one before u to pass… the moment she passes step in o go ahead, or simply stop … period.

    Ama 3n whether or not they thank you… a lot of women do not utter thanks even if you hold the door open for them, o if it was for other men ham ma yashkeroonhom… ele yeste7e, welle ygool 7ram -yes ako- welle imnafsa min il sob7, welle simply pre-occupied… u didnt really do it to hear a bunch of women utter thanx to you right?

    In ur situation you are lucky… i have heard of a new trend in Q8, a woman would enter an elevator ALONE and refuse you, a man, entry… you know khalwa shar3iya and all of that. One of my friends says a friend of hers -a woman- wanted to go into an elevator at work, a melte7ee guy inside alone, and he blocked her entrance with his hands so she wouldnt get in… thank god hal new culture didnt spread that much yet…

  6. Yousef says:

    um-mit3ib, ee wallah yaqethkom :p

    El Shahlab, I agree and its frustrating. I will visit ur blog thanks 🙂

    Miyafushi, I’m not angry at the women I decided to let in, but the others who follow. And why 1 woman? Well because there is always one baari3 who stands awkwardly close to me and make uncomfortable, so I let those in first to avoid and colides while entering… And sometimes they’re just there! Standing by me and its almost wrong to get in before she does.

    Interesting that u like to wait and have the guys in first.. Women where I work are not like you.. They feel they’re gonna lose out on something if they don’t rush in first

    Ngree, that’s what I’m gonna do from now on!

    Delly, lol!

  7. 1001Nights says:

    I would suggest you stand really close to the elevator so that the only thing that makes sense is that you would go in first and no one would blame you or think of you as lacking chivalrousness if you make sure you push the Open button as soon as you enter.

    But, sometimes it just may be that creating a good impression is worth it. I don’t know, it’s up to you. Sometimes guys stand closer to the elevator than I do but they wait for me to go in anyway and I always think that’s so nice. I see this mostly with Kuwaiti guys by the way and it makes me proud of them. Ya3ni shay zain ili ga3id itsawee gasdi.

  8. R. says:

    Guys like u are polite, respectful and thoughtful, I always appreciate it when guys let me in first in elevators and a (thank u word) must been said mu 3ashan u let them in but min bab iladab.. Keep doing what ur doing and all the appreciation should go to u.

  9. Um Abdulrahman says:

    Nice to hear that some kuwaiti guys still have a sense of etiquette and would consider a lady entering first ( and not only elevator, hope so). I use elevator a lot and this doesnt happen to me a lot. I have no objections to share an elevator with men, but i face much obstacles..First, normally when the elevator is crowdy, i have problems to press the floor bottom without touching a man (so i use stairs in the morning) and if i m standing in the back, then i face problems to get out..
    So please keep spreading the awarness!

  10. Scotch says:

    elmawthoo3 jidan sakheef.

  11. Yousef says:

    Scotch, mo askhaf min ur comment.

  12. Scotch says:

    i didnt even comment:)

  13. hamlet says:

    WoW, what an important topic!

  14. M7 says:

    first come, first in ana w men ba3dy el6ofan !
    la an6er wala yan6rony w la da5alt 3ala 6ool er3a9 elly tsakkir el bab 😛

  15. Intlxpatr says:

    I agree, if you stand aside to let a woman on, it’s sort of a signal that you are a gentleman who gives ladies entry before you. A lady would be a person who says
    thank you’, acknowledging your gesture. The thing with manners (and your mamma must be so proud of you 🙂 )is that it doesn’t matter what the other person does, we are required to show good manners. In fact, you get more virtue points if the other person is rude and you remain polite.

    OK, OK, I made that last part up, but it is sort of true.

  16. BNDQ8 says:

    Infact i let men go..no joke..especially if its an elder person or if the guy is been waiting for it way before me..i ask them to go first and then i enter… yes there are times when the guys are polite and let me go in and wil not come in then i tell them its ok to come.. and its not becoz im scary that they dont enter in with me 😀 and i always say thanks !! no lift at work but gererally ..

  17. Umme Kulsum says:

    I appreciate your courtesy to let any one in first guy or girl but IF you don’t really want someone (woman) to go in first why bother asking ? I don’t really think that you should expect anything in return. If you do and your expectations are not met, stop being polite. Be STraight ForwARD !

  18. Yousef says:

    1001Nights, I do that and stay very close, and tell my colleagues (girls) to stay close so no one could get in before we do, but then we find ourselves being almost pushed away by other women. I just don’t get it. Women transform into some ugly beings when it comes to entering elevators. And I know it’s shay zain that I let the ladies in first, but some ladies are just mo kafo.

    R., Exactly. thankyou should be said min bab il adab 🙂

    Um Abdulrahman, hehe stairs are always a nice option.

    M7, ta3jebny 😛

    Intlxpatr, I used to let the ladies first, but then the situation got worse, so I decided not to let anyone in, but still the women where I work are a bunch of…… yeah I don’t want to talk about them anymore. 🙂 They’re just not worth it.

    BNDQ8, You’re a great person!

    Umme Kulsum, expectations? I have one expectation, I expect to get into the lift before the door shuts 😛

  19. Zain blekh says:

    [edited by admin]

  20. Yousef says:

    3aib ya walad halkalam ana ahaly kilhom yegroon hal blog o my readers mo7tarameen.. Allah yhadak.

  21. Zain blekh says:

    asfeen ya ahal yousef 😉

  22. oshkosh says:

    There was this one time abroad that I let 2 Kuwaiti elder women pass men in the airport at the passport checkpoint. guess what happened ? They’ve let all of their 20+ person family pass me ! without asking or giving me any attention, as if it’s their right to do so. I had to wait for more than 15 minutes just for being polite. NEVER AGAIN.

  23. n says:

    amen to that

  24. Marzouq says:

    I go by scientific method unless there is a medical issue..

    Based on Computer Programing:


    First In First Out!

    so yeah.. go in and hold the button if they want to come in!