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Women Abusing Common Courtesy

Where I work I have to use the elevator in the parking everyday. The elevator is big and could fit well over 7 people, which is good, considering we’re always in a hurry to get to work or back to our cars. So, I, being the great person that I am, always let the ladies get in and out first.

One time, as I was waiting for the elevator, a nice lady waiting next to me talked to me and told me “I always see you letting the girls in first. You shouldn’t do that, they’re unappreciative” I couldn’t agree more. Some of you girls are just pathetic. (Keyword: Some)

When I show the common courtesy of allowing a lady to enter an elevator before I do, it by no means indicates that it’s alright for some idiots waiting for the elevator to pass me, and fill the elevator, leaving me stranded without a lift!

I don’t know why some of the girls don’t get the concept behind this nice thing, some of the men, do. My willingness to let you in first does not mean I’m willing to wait for the next elevator, and it does not mean I enjoy letting you in first.. It just mean that I’m willing to let one woman go in ahead of me out of politeness. It’s not an open invitation for all the ignorant women waiting behind me to stampede their way in!

If you were ever behind a guy who was waiting for the elevator ahead of you:

  1. STAY behind him.
  2. WAIT for him to let you in first.
  3. DON’T crowd the elevator entrance.
  4. BE THANKFUL when someone let’s you in first!

Some of the girls make me think twice before being polite again! It’s no wonder that common courtesy isn’t so common anymore! God!