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Zain OnePay

We had a meeting a few weeks back, along with a couple of bloggers, with the people at Zain. We were told about this new payment method, among other interesting things. Read what is OnePay below, and if you have any question regarding OnePay, type your question in the comments box and we’ll have someone answering them for you!

“Zain have launched today a new web service under the name “Zain OnePay”. This new payment gateway unifies the previous three different payment options on Zain’s website (QuickPay, eeZee Fast, and eeZee cards). Once you enter your mobile number it will automatically identify your line type (Postpaid or Prepaid) and then leads you to the best options available for your mobile number. Add to that, the change in transaction speed; much faster now!”

The picture and what’s in bold were shamelessly stolen from Blog37