Password Meter is an online tool that will not only rate your password’s strength only  but will offer clues on what you kind of characters can you add or remove to improve the password’s strength.  So before you think about any password just enter the site above and it will help you alot.

Thanks Ahmad


They’ve just introduced a new service, where you get an an MMS’s every week that includes their latest movies in a video clip, almost like the movie trailer. It’s for 500 fils a week.


Avatar producer, Jon Landau told MTV that director James Cameron is going to write an avatar prequel. The prequel won’t necessarily be transformed into a movie, but rather be a full fledged novel that’ll go into each character’s history in depth. In a way, James Cameron is trying to lay a foundation for the movie. Or maybe a foundation for sequels to come?

Jon Landau interview:

“Jim is going to write a novel himself, not a novelization – and there is a distinction. A novelization basically retells the story of the movie. Jim wants to write a novel that is a big, epic story that fills in a lot of things. [We] won’t have time to do [these stories] in the movie, or maybe in sequels, so the novel will give a foundation for the world. It would be something that would lead up to telling the story of the movie, but it would go into much more depth about all the stories that we didn’t have time to deal with – like the schoolhouse and Sigourney [Weaver’s character] teaching at the schoolhouse; Jake on Earth and his backstory and how he came here; [the death of] Tommy, Jake’s brother; and Colonel Quaritch, how he ended up there and all that.  I don’t think Jim has ever written a novel before, but his first step of writing a script is often in a novella format, so this is just expanding that, and I think that he’ll be very adept at it.”

P.S. I haven’t seen the movie yet.


Have you ever scared your parents to death by getting lost?

I did. Twice.

The First time:
1984 In Turkey.

I have no recollection of this incident coz I was only 2. They told me that they were sitting in a big garden and all of the sudden they couldn’t find me. They scanned the whole garden and went to it’s edges trying to find me, with no luck, and after some time, they found me at near the place where they were sitting originally, but behind some trees. I was sitting on the ground and throwing little pebbles at something that made a sound. They said I was totally transfixed on the sound that I did not notice I was alone.

The Second time:
1987 in Brighton, England.

I was 5 and my brother was 9. He and I were at an amusement park at the beach and we ran out of money. The apartment wasn’t very far away, so my brother came up with a brilliant idea. The idea was: I should wait at the park, alone, while he runs back to the apartment and get some money. He pointed out the white building where our apartment was located to assure me that it wasn’t that far and that I should wait, so I agreed. He asked me to stay near the giant ‘ball pit’, you know the big pit with lots of little plastic balls in it (like this one), and I did, I waited for him to go to the apartment and back.

I waited for what seems like an eternity (you know how kids are) but I was getting bored. I dug my hands in my pockets, maybe to find something interesting to play with, but I found a couple of pounds, so I thought “why not play inside the ball pit rather than wait for him outside and be bored?” So I went in, I played for a long time and I was again getting bored, and my brother wasn’t here yet.

I got out of the pit, and waited outside for a little bit, it was getting darker and I was losing hope and I remember thinking maybe he forgot about me. So I raised my head and saw the white building and decided that maybe it’s not that far for me to walk back alone. Yeah! why not. But on my way I found my dad and uncle near a food stand buying some food, and they took me home. I remember thinking “Oh my dad is there, what a coincidence, let me go to him instead of walking back to the apartment alone.”

Now, what really happened was: My brother came back and looked around for me but couldn’t find me, so he got scared and went back to the apartment and told everybody that he had lost me. My father and uncle got freaked out and went out looking for me. My mother who was in the shower got out and put something on and went looking for me with her hair still wet. A major freaking out occured while I was playing inside that ball pool. And when I saw my dad at that food stand, turns out they weren’t there buying food (Duh!) they were asking everybody in that amusement park if they came across a little 5 year old boy.


This is was our location in Al Somman, It is 3 hours from the Kuwaiti borders and it was chosen and arranged for by our great friend Mishary (a different Mishary). They have professional people in Saudi who get paid to take care of everything (They bring the tents, rugs, dig a toilet *Yikes!*, and you know, make it happen). The trip was from wednesday (I went on a thursday coz I couldn’t take a day off work) to saturday. It was worth it and we had plenty of fun. Take a look at the pictures and compliment me on my amazing eye and photographic skills *sarcasm* Read the rest of this entry »


I was just told that the Bvlgari shop in AlNassar tower was fully robbed yesterday at night. My cousin is saying that he’s hearing that the robbers cleaned the whole shop. Police are there now investgating the robbery and lifting the finger prints.

Rumor alert: The tower’s security were asleep when the robbery took place.

Thanks Fawaz


I’m heading to Scotland for on business related trip, will spend sometime over there and will try to find some good places to kill time. I know its boring over there but let me see if I can find interesting things to post about.


I can’t even open a single page without waiting forever for it to load up!

Is there something wrong with the internet? I’m writing this using my blackberry (yeah that’s how slow the net is!).

Anyway I hope this thing doesn’t persist.

Update: It seems the problem is fixed now.




We were in Al Somman a couple of weeks ago and one of my friends got his car stuck in the sand on top of a hill. We got bored up there, so Bo9ale7 went to the kitchen and brought this round thing and Skied. It went wrong every single time Read the rest of this entry »


Just found out that Coca cola just changed their cans to celebrate the Valentine! BTW it’s not released in Kuwait yet.


I was in Al Jabriya earlier today and happened to pass by the new Early Bird branch. I saw the owner, Bianca, outside and she told me the opening is on Monday and that it’ll have the same working hours as the one in Fahaheel; Monday to Saturday from 5am to 3pm and off on sundays.

It’s in Al Jabriyah near Champion’s Gym. Here is their location on map.

Phone # 25343009




Sara lee turkey

We just had club sandwiches for breakfast and it was very good. It had Sara lee turkey in it, along with eggs, mayo, cheese, and tomato slices. It makes for a great snack.

Sara lee turkey
^ It tasted better than it looks 😛

Sara lee turkey

Available at Sultan center. We had the honey roasted flavor.


Finally we found it, it’s  back in our co-op, they brought it back! if you dont know what is Mazza Mango then the answer will be… the best mango juice in Kuwait.

Thanks INM


Me and ½ cream milk were having dinner at Johnny Rockets in Salmiya. We were sitting on one of the tables next to the bar when we saw a lady coming in and start talking to a guy on the bar. We were pretty sure the guy did not know her, he was in a bit of an awkward position. We did not pay any attention and continued enjoying our rocket burgers… till we heard the word Blogger!

All of our senses came to life and we found ourselves trying so hard to eavesdrop you’d think somebody’s life depended on it!

Yeah turned out we were sitting next to Moey (Hi Moey)


!إشرب شاي و روووووح

This gotta be the most overzealously generous person to have ever existed. Or just plain crazy!

I mean, Dude chill! it’s only tea!


Since we’re in winter season, I think this is the perfect time to buy it which will cost you around KD11.5 excluding shipping charges. Video after the break.

Want to order? Click HERE


My friend was at harrods yesterday and he took the picture above. It is of apples with heart shaped birthmarks on them for Valentines.

Harrods have commissioned farmers in france to grow these specially customized apples to bear heart shaped imprints on them. The apples will be sold for ₤3 each, and all the proceeds will be donated to a children hospital.

Are you wondering how did they do it? Are you thinking genetic studies and huge amount of money spent? I was thinking the same thing, but I was way off, coz all they did was, the french farmers that is, they placed a heart shaped sticker on the apples during cultivation.

Thanks M7


Remember when I posted before about the Avocado juice in Kaifan Juice, well today Ali found out that they’ve opened a second branch, this time in Hawali, next to Alhomathi complex.

Thanks Ali


They’re custom made, and you can order 3 of them as a set. That is possible if you’re ready to wait for 3 weeks to get them, coz they’re custom made. I guess if you’re that in love with your iPhone, you’ll be willing to wait for 3 weeks to get em 😉


UPDATE: its working now.


Some cool guys from Al-iPhone came up with this really cool idea, They made some of best clips with some of the famous songs available on iTunes, Kuwait’s store only.