I was in Al Jabriya earlier today and happened to pass by the new Early Bird branch. I saw the owner, Bianca, outside and she told me the opening is on Monday and that it’ll have the same working hours as the one in Fahaheel; Monday to Saturday from 5am to 3pm and off on sundays.

It’s in Al Jabriyah near Champion’s Gym. Here is their location on map.

Phone # 25343009


This entry was posted on Saturday, February 13th, 2010 at 10:53 pm

11 Responses to “Early Bird in Jabriya”

  1. HBZ says:

    ALLAH !! monday ryoogy hnaak :>

  2. Madonps says:

    Why don’t you put the vote link? (Kuwait Bloggers) 😉

  3. Maryam M says:

    i love early bird!!! i will visit it in the weekend!

  4. Whatever says:

    It’s next to my gym! lol going to the gym won’t be the same again ;Pp

  5. french toast fan says:

    FRENCH TOOOAASTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ban1 says:

    ooooooof 7ada yabelllla 9eg eb 7’a6erey

  7. mohammad says:

    do you think it will be the same as the original one ? who will supervise in jabreya branch ?

  8. K says:

    feeh taw9eel delivery?

  9. […] the new “The early bird” branch is located in Jabriya, right between the old and new champions women gym. more information here […]

  10. loush says:

    DO they offer scrambled eggs and bacon or do they offer bagel with dream cheese and smoked salmon!!

  11. Jon says:

    WOW that’s very close to where i live! I can see it from my window! Come on 5 AM!!!