Yeah I don’t know why Somecontrast got hacked and what was behind the hacking but thank God the hacker did not delete our database and none of our files were damaged. And thanks to our good friends Nasser & Hamad from Blog37 we were able to get the site back and running.

We wanted to get Somecontrast up and running as soon as we can, but us being the illiterate bloggers that we are when it comes to programing and coding and the likes, we were helpless. But thats behind us now. We’ve recharged and we’re back with a vengeance!

Thanks to all who asked and emailed us. We appreciate each one of you. We missed you guys.




My friend and I wanted to buy good pillows for some time now but we didn’t know where to look, the best we could do was IKEA, all my pillows are from there and I wanted something different. We went to a couple of places before deciding to go to Tilal complex, and thats how we came across The Bed Boutique.

It has a big collection of bed pillows and they’re so diverse. I use the word diverse because before going to The Bed Boutique, we were at The American Mattress, and their collection was disappointing. All of their pillows were kinda the same, the pillows doesn’t differ much and their prices were exaggerated.

Back to the Bed Boutique. They have a little room where you can try all of their pillows while having lots of privacy. The room is tiny and has one king size bed. The sales person actually encourages the customers to kick back and relax in that room and use it as long as they want, and take their time to decide which pillow to go for. I tried multiple pillows before deciding on their Tempur pillow.

The Tempur pillow I got is called Symphony, and it’s for KD44. It’s not cheap. You can get it online for KD30, but it’s heavy so I don’t know how much you’ll end up saving after paying the shipping costs.

It’s my 3rd night using the pillow and I’m enjoying it so far. It feels like a memory foam pillow at first, but it’s not, it’s different and much more comfier. You have to try it out if you’re looking for a pillow.

The Bed Boutique is at Tilal complex, Shuwaikh.
Phone # 22256172


Sometimes I just want to take a knife and rip my tonsils out with my hands and slit them off.

I’ve been sick on and off for over a month. It started with my birthday, and I’ve been having throat pains for a month now. I think I had 7 days without pains throughout the past month. i’ve gone through many strepsils and Chloraseptics and the damned thing isn’t going away!

Since I was little this throat thing have been my thing. I wanted to get rid of the tonsils 2 years ago and I went to a prominent Kuwaiti doctor, forgot his name, and he gave me a bunch of meds, but nothing helped. I remember him saying:

1-you gotta keep your nasal passages clear by using a drop (contains cortisone), you can’t have them blocked, coz thats when you get sore throats, when you overuse your mouth for breathing.

2-You’ve got to know how to sneeze, and thats by avoiding harsh exhales (I don’t know how he said exactly, but it was something along “latishla3 bala3eemik wenta ta36is”)

He didn’t do much. He then told me that even if we decided to remove your tonsils, that won’t solve the problem, you’d still get sore throat if the cause wasn’t totally your tonsils. Whatever thats supposed to mean.

I didn’t use any antibiotics till yesterday, I had to.

I might go to another doctor and see what I can do with my tonsils.




For those who are newly married, if you’re a gadget geek and want a wedding ring, then I think you’re going to love this. The Gear Ring, designed by Kinekt Design, is made of stainless steel. The real geeky thing about these rings gottabe the rotating gears.

You can get those in HERE for KD 47.5

Thanks Ahmad


The charity single ‘everybody hurts’ By REM was rerecorded to raise funds for the victims of Haiti earthquake, and it features Mariah Carey, Rod Stewart, Michael Buble, James Blunt, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis and many others.

“The estimated release date is 7 February, with proceeds going to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and there’s already talk this could become one of the biggest selling singles of all time.” – BBC


Aramex just sent me an email telling that they have changed their pricing structure and they began with the heavy packages which weight above 10kgs they will offer 30% discount on the total shipping charges, the question is what if I got lets say 3 packages and their total weight is above 10kgs? do I get a discount? or it has to be single package?


For those who want to order the iPad, Amazon just listed them as preorder. At the moment only the WiFi version is listed.

UPDATE: Just got the LINK for all the iPads even the 3G version.

Thanks Mark