I’m heading to Scotland for on business related trip, will spend sometime over there and will try to find some good places to kill time. I know its boring over there but let me see if I can find interesting things to post about.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 at 5:00 am

10 Responses to “Will be Abroad for Sometime”

  1. Casttro says:

    man .. 0 9 13 26 29 33 35 – 0 Nebr 9 Nebr 12 Nebr
    laman trj3 el kuwait gzerha

    btw khosh arqam 😛


  2. Bu Yousef says:

    Where in Scotland?
    There is nothing boring there 🙂 You will be inspired.

  3. KA fan says:

    Go to entertainment city there (idk what was the name though, because last time I been to scotland was when I was 10.) There are also castles there and the nature there is so quite and pretty. Also, don’t forget to drink a scottish water 😉

  4. Jake Kurafi says:

    Are you kidding me ?

    The Scottish Highlands are wow-some.

    Spend a weekend in Edinburgh before heading down south to
    the Lake Country taking in Keswick, Windermere and Gosamere.
    And when in Edinburgh do what everyone else there does – visit the Castle, Princess Street and shop only at Jenner’s.

    And you know what, you’re right. Aberdeen is boring.

  5. Q80 In Denver says:

    Aberdeen!! 3ad ma legait ela Aberdeen :p

    lo Glasgow chan geltlik wain etroo7 :p

    el moshkila aberdeen aksha’7 ma63am 3endhom “Friday’s”

    and I’m dead serious :p

  6. Farooh says:

    yes i agree, if you have some time you should definitely try to go to edinburgh or glasgow even just for the day, many nice places to see !

  7. Mishary says:

    Q80 In Denver, kafooo wala 3al tashjeee3 🙂

  8. Q80 In Denver says:

    looooooooooooooool just saw this 😛