I came to Scotland without having any idea what to expect, no one I knew came to Scotland and no one told me anything about this land of Scot. So if you wanted to beat any info outta me about scotland, I’d spit the word ‘braveheart’, and that would be it.

So when we first arrived, we got to learn Scotland’s main cities, which are:

  • Edinburgh. (Capital)
  • Glasgow.(Big city, very important and famous. Many big names have concerts in here)
  • Aberdeen. (eb kel basa6aa tegdar tegool enhaa eshwaikh el sena3eyaa .. ehyaa el man6aqa el sena3eyaa 3endohom o men garadat 7athey hathy ely ana saken fehaa!)
  • Inverness.
  • Stirling.
  • Perth.
  • Dundee.

Ofcourse one of the things we learned early in the trip, is that there are no direct planes to Aberdeen, only via London. I think 90% of international flights doesn’t land in Scotland, maybe 4 0r 5 airliners have routes to Scotland, or at least that what I felt like when we tried to book a flight.

One of the things we also learned from staying in Aberdeen, is the city is cold throughout the year, the tempreature varies from a -10 to 25 degrees max. It’s an industrial city, so you shouldn’t expect any shopping places or entertainment, and discovering that felt like a slap on the face.

We went to the train station directly after landing. (wallah el 3atheem bel sora waaayed a7laa men el 6abe3aa!!)

The second slap on the face was this street, Untion street, it was supposed to be their best one, 3-4KM long, and was like the upper scale kind of streets.

We decided to rent a place right behind Union street, it’s a couple of meters away in this picture.

This is the one and only mall in Abredeen and it’s called Union Square. It looks promising, it’s only 3 months old and lots of shops inside are yet to open.

Overall. The place evedintly suck. Big time. Will I ever come back willingly? 100% No.

But we heard that the capital Edinburgh was different and we went there, and it was very different. We liked it a lot, we went to that one great castle over there and we loved it. I’m gonna write about that trip soon.

Word of advice, don’t go to Aberdeen unless you were paid a million KD. Oh and make sure to get the cash in advance.


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16 Responses to “Aberdeen Scotland”

  1. mimi says:

    are u still there!!!!!

  2. Mishary says:

    mimi, Why? 3asa mo 6ayefny shay? 😛

  3. Haneen says:

    Very interesting post

    lazen awaree mi husband 3ashan ma yfaker ywadenee laha!! Madrw mn ga9 3alai o gayela roo7 aberdeen y3al mako aberdeen enshalla

    walla Allah y3eenkum shlon et’9ay3oon waktkum eb hal deera??

  4. Faisal says:

    Walla 9dgt ana re7tlaha lama kent adres eb glascow o ya laytnee ma re7t.,

    elmokan kareeh o mosta7eel tgdar teta8lam 3alai!!

    Yalla haant kl cham yom o tftk enshalla

  5. Faris al-f says:

    Well what can i say after spending all of my 8 years here. That Aberdeen Truly is a shite-hole. You walk down Union street and its spot the Scotsman. Its full of pi s s heads, junkies, and wee knobs running around stabbing folk wi knifes. The city itself is one dull looking mess. Tory for example, Uncouth another fine shite-hole, Froghall has some fine looking castles ( well they would look like castles to the locals with the amount of smack they inject) Logie would be your place to visit, I’m sure the locals would welcome you with open arms so they can slip your purse from you, how about Royal Northfeild, the Lord Byron bar would be the place for Metal music, full of headbangers in there, that’s for sure, saying that they don’t need Metal music to start banging with there heads…You watch C.S.I? into that kinna stuff? well Tilly is your place, i mean they could do a non stop LIVE series of a U.K version of C.S.I..Stay away from Tilly.. Don’t go out after dark, and don’t carry cash…

    Duthie Park eh? What a run down shite-hole of a place that is..

    Dunnoter castle.. nothing there

    excuse thebad language but i really hate this place

  6. Jazzy says:

    Hahaha madre laish amoot mn el’97k lama ashoof a7ad msafer the wrong place…o 6ab3an ana zahba 7g elshimata:p ana minik kl weekend aroo7 glasgow or london a’3ayer jaw

  7. Ba6alah says:

    have a nice trip enjoy your time :]

  8. armagadon says:

    ah no one u knew went there !!! no one told u anything about scotland !!!
    come on this is scotland .. u r more than welcome for the dust & heat here “dont say no one told ya” ;p
    by the way kuwait summer is starting earlier this year

  9. Mishary says:

    armagadon, I’m considered no one told me because you gave me a7laam wardeyaa 3an Aberdeen. Sorry but if you consider Aberdeen is an average city .. I can easily told u you didnt saw the other world. Aberdeen is WAY below the average!

  10. Ali says:

    come Mishary its a honeymooner place , as armagadon :PP

  11. mimi says:

    naaa,, nothing new in here,, i just couldnt imagine that ur still there,, ooh god ,, feeling really bad for u guyz ,, allah y3enkom,, seriously what do u do to pass the day there!!!

  12. armagadon says:

    i didnt say good things abt aberdeen !!! i told ya aberdeen is crab
    i told you both that edinbrough is a honeymooner place not aberdeen.

    excuse me mish mish USA is not the whole world FYI.

  13. armagadon says:

    by the way stop wayning abt how bad aberdeen is u r coming back in couple of days ;p

  14. Mishary says:

    armagadon, You consider edinbrough for honeymooner? then Maldives, Phuket and Bale what are they? edinbrough is a good place put don’t mention it as honeymooner.

  15. armagadon says:

    key word is ” weather “

  16. Q80 In Denver says:

    I told u so 😛 hehehe