Furtune’s annual list of ‘most admired companies’ is out and guess who topped it? now guess who couldn’t make it to the top 10 and landed on 11?

In your face windows people! 😛



This entry was posted on Thursday, March 11th, 2010 at 4:22 pm

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  1. Bu Yousef says:

    My company is number 1 in Oil and Gas Equipment, Services 🙂

  2. and what’s Apple OS market share compared to Microsoft?

    Last time I’ve checked, and I’m being very generous and adding their hand held devices, they toped at 10%. If you add the hardware part to the mix and compare them with PC manufacturers, it’s barely 3%. I admire how they managed to convinced people that apple knows what’s best for them (limiting functionality of their devices, dis/approving apps in their store, etc.) and how they created new human forms, i.e. Apple fanboys. I am not a Microsoft fan either, but I do admire their income statements.

  3. Yousef says:

    Bu Yousef halliburton? I had to look it up and I’m still not sure 😛

    Ahmad Alfahad They aren’t the only company to do that (create loyal customers). If you create something that is much superior, and then present it with lower prices, it’s only natural for buyers to be loyal customers and even turn into walking ads (word of mouth is a great marketing tool they managed, with their ability to create great products, to achieve and maintain).

    About their figures. What you said about the income statement was intriguing, and I didn’t know much about their financials.. Actually I didn’t know anything about their financials, so I just took a quick look at the numbers, and I stress “QUICK” look, so I don’t know if I’m missing something here, but anyway here are my thoughts:

    Microsoft’s net profit was almost stagnant for the last 3 years, just 3.5% “overall” increase (down by -17.6% in 2009). While Apple is achieving an average of 54% increase in overall net profit for the last 3 years (up by 34.5% in 2009). So if you ask me, I’d rather have Microsoft be as ‘small’ as Apple when it comes to market share, and invest the rest of it’s money on other smaller but better generating companies. So yeah, going by that quick look, I kinda admire Apple’s income statement more than I do Microsoft’s, But thats just me 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve been a mac user since 2004 and I can’t believe how most people are still using windows. It’s mind boggling I tell you.

  4. Bu Yousef says:

    FMC Technologies