I heard of Bossaball and posted about it, but never tried it. I thought it should be fun and easy since it’s all about jumping on a big inflated volleyball court. Well I was partially right, it was fun, but easy? well not really.

We rented coz we knew we were going to spend the whole weekend plus the 25-26th vacation in chalet, so we all pitched in and got the Bossaball for the chalet. They deliver it and assembled it. You don’t do much (and if you’re taking pictures of them working then you’re guaranteed a minimum amount of work).

The first time I tried it I was exhausted after only 10 mins of jumping. I got used to it eventually and was able to play for an hour and so, but it is very exhausting. It was fun though, we all enjoyed it and played it almost everyday of the vacation.

The Bossaball can was rented for KD250 a day. I think it’s expensive too, but according to the renter, it’s of high quality and doesn’t cause allergies and stuff, and they are flexible when it comes to the timing. They also rent and sell inflatable slides and castles and Human size foosball.

The car and the crane was big and we had to use our neighbors chalet to get it to the beach. So if you’re thinking about renting it make sure you got the space.

^I thought, at that point, that it was huge. I didn’t know it was only it’s half!

^Almost ready.

^And ofcourse, as is the case with every bunch of friends I’m sure, there is always those who are only good at “supervising” 😛


This entry was posted on Thursday, March 4th, 2010 at 2:13 am

5 Responses to “Bossaball”

  1. 7adhaa 3ajebaa … a7laa shay kanat alnaggazya ele bl n9 .. !!
    bss sij etta3eb ..
    bss great experience … wayed kanat a7san mn za7mat elshowaree3 !!

  2. lendmeurear says:

    wow the setup itself seems exhausting!

  3. ban1 says:

    9eg teswa waied 3ajeeeeeba el 3abbbba

  4. Bu Yousef says:

    Nice 🙂
    LOL at the ‘we-will-just-watch crowd’

  5. momo says:

    i dont think this is a real bossaball court its a replica. but im sure you guys had fun anyways.