Mom just finished watching a 45-episodes of an Iranian series of Prophet Joseph’s (AS) story. After finishing it she sat and told us how sad she is that it ended, and that she enjoyed it one hundred percent. As she was telling us about the series’s highlights, she mentioned a specific scene that she thought was interesting.

The scene:

A monk telling Prophet Joseph how he led the people to believe that the status of the ancient God, Amon, was talking to them. He said he used to hide behind the status and talk to them, and that the temple’s wide interior spaces would carry his voice, distort it and make it sound as if it came from the status itself. And by doing that he gained lots of money from their offerings.

Why did she find it interesting, we asked?

She said:

Because it just shows that men faking religiousness existed for thousands of years, and there was always a bunch of people who followed blindly. We have that now. History repeats itself.


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9 Responses to “History Repeats Itself”

  1. Mr. Annoymous says:

    This show is one of the most intresting shows ever. Many people have enjoyed it and the story, filming, and production were all amazing. I hope that they will make other series about the other prophets 🙂

  2. ZeroSystem says:

    The same thing happening new in a different forum.
    There is a documentary made by a group of Kuwaitis about it, it is called “The Arrivals”.

    I really enjoyed it I do suggest you take a look at it, the amount of information and conclusions are staggering.

    This is the link of it.

    if piratebay is blocked (fasttelco) this is another link ^^
    hope you like it publish it if you do 😀


  3. Nasser says:

    This is true.. specially with the new “Moda3ewetheen” type of so-called religious men.

  4. Ansam says:

    I heard so much about this show… I wanna watch it. Where did you get it from?

  5. Om FasoOoL says:

    these episodes are outstanding …. I was depressed that they are over 🙁
    Ansam they are sold at the dvd store in A2Z shuwaikh

  6. ali_82 says:

    اللي يبي مسلسل نفس مسلسل سيدنا يوسف عليه السلام ليش ما يشوف بعد مسلسل مريم المقدسه؟ و اكو بعد مسلسل اهل الكهف

    اللي اعرفه ان مسلسل مريم المقدسه سهل تلقونه و مدبلج

    اهل الكهف بعد اتوقع تلقونه و مدبلج للعربيه

    اتوقع تلقونهم بالمحلات او المكتبات الشيعيه و يمكن تلقونهم اونلاين

  7. filily says:

    its amazing! Also the interview they once did with the director and cast was interesting with all the behind the scene incidents!

  8. Om 3abdallah says:

    Ive seen it in persian , its amazing , i loved it .