All NBK branches employees have this badge on and it’s about their salary transfer offer. Transfer your salary and get a chance to win KD5000. 8 winners weekly.

P.S. Guys don’t forget to give your friends who work at NBK a hard time for turning into walking ads. We’re doing our best with ours 😛


And this is a shirt for the same offer to go along with the badges. Not sure though who is supposed to wear it, but I’m guessing it’s for employees at the NBK kiosks in malls.


This entry was posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 at 12:55 am

11 Responses to “NBK’s KD5000”

  1. Walah awal ma shift 5000Kd in your post, 3bali 6la3 qraar ina bewaz3on el 5000kd ;$

  2. Jazzy says:

    Umm hmmm i like the way ur thinking;)
    now i can annoy my cozins all the time until i get from them all everything i want

    HAHAHA ur good!!!

  3. Faisal says:

    Rjaa2n 3n il’3ala6!!

    Waiii al7een shefikna mn tm95r ilshabab! Allah yhdak yousef etfati7 3ain m’3am’9h

  4. Hamad says:

    elyoum elyoum lol..

  5. m7 says:

    exclusive : Thursday they have to wear a polo shirt maktob 3alaiha nafs el badge 😛
    w akbar size XL ;p

  6. suwsan says:

    Walah 5000KD!!!!! نيست موظفين and give the money to bring the customer and then زفتservice ! why the nbk لا دفع راتب جيد! shame on the watani

  7. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    NBK, Cheesy much?! shfkouhum al7een mna?! Don’t they know that all of us carry a supporting major called “SARCASM”?
    You asked for it NBK, now ur gonna get it ;p

  8. Yousef says:

    Everylittlething lol guess again 😛

    Jazzy haha a7la shay

    Faisal lol so sorry!

    Hamad mara7 et6oof halsalfa bilsahel!

    m7 now that bit of info is new to me hehe

    suwsan My friend is in retail, he’s being paid well and his loyalty to the bank is ridiculous. I guess his ongoing experience at the bank is the complete opposite of yours.

    Wa6n_3Mri Why do you think it’s cheesy? From a client’s point of view I think it’s a good way of marketing their products.

  9. Hamad says:


  10. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Because the whole notion of it, PISSES ME OFF! lol ;p as a marketer (3shtaw) ;p I would’ve approached it in a different way, y3ni I would go with the badge as being direct, but the T-SHIRT! “What would you do with KD 5000?” Oh I don’t know NBK should I be reasonable and invest it in your bank or should I go crazy and blow it all away like there is no tomorrow?! lol ;p

  11. jadd says:

    what a joke!!! such a cheezy bank.. NBK is not what it used to be. the people in the management most certainly do not know kuwait and our people. NBK Managmeent read this…. get kuwaitis not expats