Google labs just indroduced new way of writing in Arabic, its with تَشْكِيل now, all what you need to do is to write down in the box and then click on تَشْكِيل and thats it!

Click HERE to go to Google’s labs.

Thanks Ahmad


This entry was posted on Friday, March 26th, 2010 at 12:02 am

3 Responses to “New option from Google: تَشْكِيل”

  1. s. says:

    there’s also this cool (?) thing where u write in an english word arabic letters (cuz u forgot to switch language) but u still get english suggestions 🙂

    try it !

  2. Samia says:

    try http://www.yamli.com its before google labs

  3. suwsan says:

    i guess better late than never.. you just discoverd this!