I went for the first time yesterday and I loved it. It has this beautiful Kuwaiti energy all around it and unlike any of the other exhibitions I attended, all of the attending people are actually happy to be there. The attendants were from all age groups, old men and women on wheelchairs and walking sticks, and girls all in their best Eid attires.

The booths were all nicely set. Lots of creative ideas, and some not so creative ones. Lots of maids doing their backstage work.. well don’t get me wrong, lots and lots of booths were run by their Kuwaiti owners, but some of them were a joke, but they were little and far in between.

I’m proud of them. I couldn’t take many pictures coz there were lots of people on thursday and it was hard to take pictures.

I liked the idea to have someone exhibit old handcrafts and how they used to make them.

I bought from these guys a Kuwaiti version of the Monopoly board game, it’s called “AlDallal” and it’s for KD5.

Corn Dog. I think these guys would rock at any kids event, like a birthday or a party of some sort. Easy to eat and lots of Kids would love it.

^Some Contrast on Corn Dogs 😛

Chaw Chaw was there too 😛

This booth had the loveliest and funniest quotes and stills from Kuwaiti plays, all made into nice portraits for the wall. And the people working their were nice and were ok with me taking pictures.

Kuwaiti Green Peace Organizaiton. AKA. MSK.

A great magician! He did some tricks for me and I recommend having him as an entertainer for your parties. Beware though, he does not perform for kids coz he says kids won’t get his tricks and he has grown ups as his target audience. Ivan the magician 99798818.

Bubbles diving center. My friends. They’re great! I got 3 licenses so far with them and to make long story short, They’re THE best diving center in Kuwait. Phone # 24835228 or Mobile # 99989020.

Oishi Sushi. Remember Sushi KWT? Well they revamped their brand and their look and they’re openning soon in a nice new place. Stay tuned for a detailed post dedicated to Oishi Sushi.


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10 Responses to “P2BK Outstanding”

  1. Jazzy says:

    3endi so2al regarding bubbles diving center…ana already i have the beginner and advanced open water licenses bs now my target is the rescuing license…do u have any idea if they have this program or not l2na i am planning on working in on of the diving centers in egypt this summer o i need all 3 licenses

    plz ask ur friends about it

  2. Yousef says:

    Yes they do offer the rescue program, my friend did it with them, and I did nitrox after my advance program 🙂

  3. Jazzy says:

    O ashwa coool;)

    wannaassaa im soo excited
    enzain shlon il nitrox 3indhum??a5tha eb bubbles wala eb m9er
    ana usually all my licenses mn m9er ma jrbt bl deera at all!!

    O most importantly…interntional license 9a7??

  4. Yousef says:

    Look, when it comes to a diving center, I think bubbles and the guys at bubbles are better than the ones in egypt, that’s for sure, but the waters in egypt, as u know, much better than Kuwait’s. I’d go with bubbles, I’d just feel safer witht them.

  5. Jazzy says:

    The one i go to in sharm elshai5 is very very good all the instructors are professinal divers…o fee wayod wayod ppl there! Trust me its very good 7atta lama I used my advance and beginner licenses in the great barrier reef eb australia last summer il diving team galee ena wayid pros come with licenses minhum o 7atta some of them got their licenses minhum..my point is im not doubting bubbles diving center l2na wayid mn mi friends tried it..im just askin if i can get the rescuing license from there (yes) and if the nitrox very mohim that i have to take it al7een wala i can wait

    thanxx for the info o sry t3abtik m3ai

  6. Yousef says:

    La mako ta3ab 🙂

    Look, the Nitrox isn’t a hard thing to learn it’s basically a different mix of gases in the tank and you’ve got to get a license to be allowed to use that special mix on diving trips around the world. So they teach you how to read different Nitrox tables and do some simple math to calculate stuff. easy and fun, especially when it’s time to actually dive using Nitrox.

    Personally, I loved Nitrox.

    You get to dive without having a headache later.
    Less off gassing time.
    My mouth feels less dry/hard when I get outta the water.
    Less decompression time and safety stops.

    You cane dive to 33 meters MAX.

    So if you’re thinking of going below 33 meters, you can’t dive with a Nitrox tank, however if you’re not into deep dives then Nitrox would be a great choice for each of your dives. I love it.

    And yes it can wait, it’s a luxury actually, but I recommend it nevertheless.

    Bubbles offer NAUI license so yes their licenses are recognized world wide and the Bubbles team are all officially certified.

  7. Jazzy says:

    Hahaha i sometimes enjoy the dizziness u feel from the nitrogen…y7asisnee chenee sakranaa wala adre 3n shay KOKObs most of the times its annoyimg o y5arib 3alaik ilwanasa!!

    Merco merco monsieur josef
    shakireen lakum 5dmaatkum (LOL ilyoom ana 9ayra international mn kl go6r o’3niya…weekend effect;)

  8. Bu Yousef says:

    Love the posters… Any info (phone number/website/email) would be gratefully received.


  9. Bu Yousef says:

    … sorry – I mean those with the famous quotes 🙂

  10. Marzouq says:

    Alah ewafighum! Inshalla it grows!

    Those quotes were fantastic!