I was sent this video via an email, and I just had to share it with you. It’s Dr Norman Finkelstein’s speech at the University of Waterloo. Dr Finkelstein’s mother and father and his family from both side suffered in concentration camps, and some of them were exterminated. That experience, instead of making him play the victim’s role for the rest of his life, it made him speak against brutalization everywhere, and more importantly against the “holocaust industry” and the concept of forcing guilt out of people to justify Israel’s cruelties and injustices.

Thanks Taymoor


You know when you hear about something for the first time and then you find everybody talking about it later? well that happened on thursday.

I heard about a ridiculous new fad (Kuwaitis never fail to surprise me with their fads) about a new popcorn place that opened in Dubai, called Garret popcorn. People have been going crazy about it in kuwait and have their relatives or friends, whoever is going to Dubai, bring them some of this special popcorn Read the rest of this entry »




Just came from Aberdeen, finally home… sweet home.




I went for the first time yesterday and I loved it. It has this beautiful Kuwaiti energy all around it and unlike any of the other exhibitions I attended, all of the attending people are actually happy to be there. The attendants were from all age groups, old men and women on wheelchairs and walking sticks, and girls all in their best Eid attires.

The booths were all nicely set. Lots of creative ideas, and some not so creative ones. Lots of maids doing their backstage work.. well don’t get me wrong, lots and lots of booths were run by their Kuwaiti owners, but some of them were a joke, but they were little and far in between.

I’m proud of them. I couldn’t take many pictures coz there were lots of people on thursday and it was hard to take pictures.

Click for more pictures and info about P2BK


Kuwait-Mall is offering a good deal which they grantee to deliver your iPad to your house within 7-10 April ( if you consider it will be released in the US in the 3rd of April) with a price of KD179, KD199 and KD239 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively. In addition they will give you 10% discount for the first 20 orders which I think is a good deal.

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Do you where can I find Quran written in English language in Kuwait? Because I need to send some for the guys here in Aberdeen, they are interested in reading it.




½ cream milk was nice enough share some of the pictures he took while at P2Bk today. These are some random pictures of the place and the booths.
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After having lunch at Maki we decided it’s time for a great dessert, and the white chocolate blondie was so fitting to our post Maki mood, (Speaking of Maki, did you notice how Maki’s menu has more deep-fried mayo-covered and cheese-sprinkled dishes than any of the fast food joints? that’s not the point of the post)

The white chocolate blondie is a dessert available in Applebee’s, it’s basically a white chocolate cake with bits of walnuts in it, it’s chewy and a brownie like in texture, topped with a vanilla ice cream scoop and white buttery maple syrup sauce, all presented in a hot skillet. It’s thick, delicious, filling and Sweet and is guaranteed to ruin your figure in seconds so don’t attempt it if your health matters at all. (and I digress again).

The thing is, it has changed, and isn’t the same anymore. They changed the recipe, it was a great disappointment. We let the manager know that we hated it. He was a nice guy and he admitted that he was worried when he knew we were here just for the blondie, coz he had many blondie regulars over the past couple of weeks complain about the sudden change in the recipe. So yeah, he told us he’s going to let their american suppliers know about the negative feed back and all.

The White Chocolate Blondie in it’s heydays was the best dessert anyone could have in Kuwait!




P2BK, the biggest event of it’s kind, is now open for the public from the 17th till 19th of March. The event is held in Kuwait international fair ground, Hall 8 from 10am to 2pm and then from 4pm to 9:30.





Got two questions for you guys and need your help because I’ve already did a search on Google and didn’t come up with anything, the questions are:

1. Can I redeem a UK iTune card if I’m signed in US store?

2. Can I merge two cards together? let’s say I got in the balance $10 and just bought $50 card, once its redeemed will my balance be $50 or $60?


Answers are:

1. No

2. Yes

So, I’m heading to Apple store to try to exchange it with anything else.


Just came from them and they’ve accept to exchange it. And I did exchange it with the MBP battery for Yousef’s laptop.




After facing one of the biggest let downs ever (Aberdeen) We decided to give Scotland a chance, and go to Edinburgh. Going by what people have been saying about it, and how they praise it on Aberdeen’s expense, we thought it’d be a good idea. We’re glad we ended up going to Edinburgh, it’s nothing like the God forsaken Aberdeen.

Edinburgh was heaven in comparison. We loved it because it gave options to those who visit. Great sceneries for those who like to observe and be in the middle of beautiful landscapes, Historical buildings and old streets for people who enjoy these sort of things, and a not so bad place for shopping! Which is something we’ve been missing in Aberdeen.

It was 2 hours and 20 minutes away, so we took a train in the early morning from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, and spent the whole day there. We went to one of biggest castles I’ve seen, and it was beautiful. We shopped and did some sightseeing before going back to… el3ella Aberdeen.

If you’re in europe somewhere close to Scotland, a visit to Edinburgh wouldn’t be a bad idea. I liked it a lot and thought it would be a nice place o visit again.

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X-Cite (AlGhanim Electronics) in Fahaheel is now open throughout the month 24/7. So if you ever get up in the middle of the night and need to buy a plasma tv right away, you know where to go.

Thanks Fawaz


I learned last week from my brother that there is a difference between the White capped bottles and the blue capped ones. I always thought it’s just a design difference, but turned out the colors indicate a lower sodium version of the bottled water.

Yeah so the white cap means low sodium and the blue cap is regular water. This might be helpful if you’re trying to lower you daily Sodium intake or in a low sodium diet.





I came to Scotland without having any idea what to expect, no one I knew came to Scotland and no one told me anything about this land of Scot. So if you wanted to beat any info outta me about scotland, I’d spit the word ‘braveheart’, and that would be it.

So when we first arrived, we got to learn Scotland’s main cities, which are:

  • Edinburgh. (Capital)
  • Glasgow.(Big city, very important and famous. Many big names have concerts in here)
  • Aberdeen. (eb kel basa6aa tegdar tegool enhaa eshwaikh el sena3eyaa .. ehyaa el man6aqa el sena3eyaa 3endohom o men garadat 7athey hathy ely ana saken fehaa!)
  • Inverness.
  • Stirling.
  • Perth.
  • Dundee.

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It taste like normal chocolate milk, but I was expecting something really good. Still KDD is the best.


NBK has a new offer for you guys. Use their online banking to perform any of the below transactions and get a chance to win a state of the art netbook and an annual subscription with Zain’s E-Go:

  • Account to account transfer
  • Credit Card payment
  • Bill Payments
  • Online Statement request
  • Local and international transfer
  • Account opening

They’ll have 3 winners each month. Draw dates are on the 11th of each of April, May and June. Click here to read the offer.



Watch this short demo to learn about machine-generated captions in YouTube and automatic timing for manually created caption tracks. Its really amazing!



Furtune’s annual list of ‘most admired companies’ is out and guess who topped it? now guess who couldn’t make it to the top 10 and landed on 11?

In your face windows people! 😛



Thanks Ahmad


It’s beef kebab flavored! and you know what? They’ve just recalled it coz of a possible salmonella contamination. Check the article.