½ cream milk was nice enough share some of the pictures he took while at P2Bk today. These are some random pictures of the place and the booths.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 at 12:48 am

5 Responses to “Pictures from P2BK”

  1. Im in love with the last pic ;* walah i was there today, o yimk wigaft jidam the booth for about 20 min just looking at the girls ;pP hehe who ever passes by their booth, `7alaa yathkrnee ;p

  2. sous says:

    I loved the Saso stand!! Very impressive and well designed, I heard it’s the pre-launch for their new Saso Ocean groove opening very soon!

  3. HAMAD says:

    ana 7athart ams .. to help my friends with their booths .. o 9ara7a wayed elmukan shar7 o eltantheem 7ilow ya36ehum alf 3afya ..

  4. Mickey says:

    lazm lazm aro7lh
    walla wanash nshof kuwaitien o 9a`3ar o 3ndhom mashree3

    lazm nashaj3 alshabab

    raf3i rasch ya kuwait b3yalch