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Did you Major in Marketing? Are you working in a Marketing department? Ok, do you think you’re job requires skills and sometimes you find it hard to get the potential customer to memorize your brand?

Then click on the article circled above (dated April 16 1912) and try to put yourselves in this Man’s shoes! He is begging the readers, ALL readers, to pay attention to the brand name, ANY brand name! I mean this guy must have had a very tough job trying to shove the concept of branding down America’s throat.

So yeah, marketing people, you should think twice before asking for a raise again 😛

OT: Don’t you think it’s weird to include that article on the front page next to Titanic’s news? It looks too unimportant an article to be on that particular front page, doesn’t it?

If you want to read the full page (huge and will take time to load) Click Here


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One Response to “Something called Brand Name?”

  1. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Oh come on don’t mock the Marketers! What people don’t know, and I mean “Finance and Accounting people” out there ;p is that Marketing is the heart of every business!
    BAM! ;P