In my case I will need more than one bottle because there are just one too many formulas to remember. 🙂


The event will be conducted in 7 – 11th June and I think with these leaked pictures and the above event the new iPhone will be real in a matter of days from now. So stay tuned will will update you with the latest updates.


Faisal Al Sarraf is a Kuwaiti singer who got his first real break in 2005 when he reached the semi finals at a well known star-search kind of programs called “Nojoom AlKhaleej.” It’s 5 years later already and his first album is only a week away.

Faisal Al Sarraf Mix

^An exclusive, not available anywhere else, 40 seconds mix of 4 of his songs. Take a listen and let him know what you think!

Click here to read all about him


A long time reader has sent us this complaint letter and hopes Wataniya Airways gets notice:

Dear Wataniya Airways,

I did not e-mail you this complaint because i know you will give me the run around for a couple of days. My mother booked a ticket to Cairo which left today (April 28, 2010) and was stopped at the check in counter. The spelling on the ticket was different from that in her passport. The solution after a 30 minute wait was to purchase a new ticket. The original ticket cost 105 KD, the new ticket 133 KD. Believe me money is not the issue as long as she arrives safely, and we all know that we cant travel when the spelling is different. But really, how difficult is it for you to change the spelling on the ticket? You can manage to set up a successful system to book reservations online but you cant modify ticket info at the counter/airport?

Honestly, we all expected something like this from Kuwait Airways; not you. To make a long story short, if its really “impossible” for you to tweak the name on a ticket, purchased over 3 weeks ago might i add, then you have a serious problem that needs to be solved ASAP.

Ex-loyal customer

His contact details are available if someone from Wataniya Airways is interested.


Ok I knew blogs had impact on people, and I knew our blog had a big audience, but when I was writing my post, and leaking the news to you guys about zain’s new MicroSim Cards, I didn’t expect to cause 2 big companies like Wataniya and VIVA to panic!

Our friends over at Buzberry and Frankom just posted Viva’s MicroSims and Wataniya’s press release, respectively. Coincidently just 2 days after the Zain news leak.

I’m so enjoying watching companies trip over each other over a post 😛


The 3 guys behind Chocolate Farm sent us a sample of their desserts to review, and I got to use my little studio for a little photo shoot session!

Click for the photos and review


We’ve got some juicy piece of exclusivity for you guys! A reliable insider just told me the new MicroSim cards are going to be available at Zain on the 28th of April, thats this wednesday! It’ll be tested and then made available just in time for the new iPad 3G release date, on the first week of May.

We’re putting an end to all speculations! The MicroSims will be here and ready to be used with your new iPads and whatever new technology, on the first week of May!

I’ll try and get the real little MicroSims pictures for you soon.


We were just contacted by Zain, and were told that the MicroSims batch they’re receiving on the 28th isn’t the first, but actually they’ve already got MicroSims in the warehouse. They also wanted to further stress that they are the first telecom company to get the MicroSim Cards in Kuwait.

My favorite part of the email was, their promise to provide me with a MicroSim soon, and let me be the first to share the pictures with you guys.


^Click on the article for a bigger version.

I can’t believe that something like that can happen in our Kuwait. Whoever was responsible for this unjustifiable act, should get what they deserve, and then some more!

Thanks Amer


I just saw them today on my way back from work as I passed by Fahad AlSalem Street in Kuwait City. I like the new street lights, I don’t know how long they’ve been there, but I’m guessing they’re new, are they? Anway I hope they get them in every corner. They look much better than the current ones spread throughout the city. Good Job whoever decided that it is time to change the old ones.




NBK are having a draw as part of their FIFA 2010 world cup campain, and the first 7 winners will get packages to the finals at South Africa, and then another 10 winners to get visa cards with a $1000 gift in each of em.

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It was uploaded on April 23rd, 2005 and was shot by Yakov Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo. Up to now he got a total of 2,333,442 views.



New Prime and Toast Branch will be opening in AlBidaa, don’t know when but hopefully soon. The best spaghetti Bolognese (yes the best) can be found at this place!

Thanks Bader


The other day we had dinner at Shirin Banu restaurant, it’s Persian and Indian restaurant at the same time, I ate their twice but never tried the Indian food, their iranian dishes were really tasty. I tried the kebab, tekka, and reyash all of them were great.

In the ground floor you will find the reception and four privet rooms if u prefer to have your meal privately, and they all have huge tables in there that can fit, I think, more than 10 persons, the main restaurant however is located upstairs.

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Faihan Al Arbeed Famous for his roles in الأقدار and إلى أبي وأمي مع التحية has passed away the day before yesterday. May he rest in peace. Allah yer7omah.

I loved him in إلى أبي وأمي مع التحية in both part 1 and part 2 as Bo Adnan the baqala owner. He was so real in that part and his acting was effortless.

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Thanks Ahmad


My friend Nasser managed to send me some pictures from inside the exhibition. He told me that Zain will kick off their yearly exhibition titled Zain City tomorrow at 4:30pm. The Exhibition will include many new technologies, offers, discounts and surprises. The guys are still working there till this hour (i’m writing this post at 12:37am).

Exhibition is open everyday from April 22nd to May 1st.

Thanks Nasser

More pictures


All of us get annoyed from the endless title screens, trailers, and warnings primarily because you’re often prevented from skipping them once the DVD starts playing. But with this trick you don’t have to wait through the warnings any more. To skip over the warnings and stuff just press Stop -> Stop -> Play in your remote control. For more information see the video above.

Thanks Ahmad


We’re in the middle of building an extension to the dewaniya, and one of the guys suggested we build a Fireplace in there. We all agreed to the idea and we liked the effect it’d add to the interiors. Finding a place that builds (reasonably priced) Fireplaces and chimneys was a nightmare. We’re on a budget, if you aren’t on one you’d breeze through the process, but we do have a budget and we’re trying to stick to it. We combed Shuwaikh and asked everybody.. We were out of luck, we didn’t find a single place that does them, and every builder we called was out of the country.

We learned later from a friend that they did a couple of Fireplaces in their Abdali farm and He recommended Bu Hassan the chimney specialist. We’re now in the process of building the thing, we’ve chosen the colors and the rocks that’ll go into making it. So far this guy seems to know what he’s doing, especially when it comes to the tricky ventilation part. Apparently getting the smoke of the chimney top without smoking back the fumes into the room is a tricky matter, and not everyone is qualified enough to prevent that from happening.

I’ll keep you posted about this guy’s work, and will post the final pictures when he’s done incase someone else is thinking about building a chimney.


I got to know about The Protégés a couple of days ago and I really like what the program is all about.

The Protégés is a national program for the youth to help build their personalities so that they become the most qualified leaders in future years. We will teach them about Kuwaiti culture, art, music, theatre, religion, politics, sports, and everything that was a part of building Kuwait. This program will broaden their horizons by teaching them about things they do not experience on a day-to-day basis. We will shed the light on unpopular yet influential people, events, and issues that seem to be forgotten in today’s media. What makes The Protégés unique in that it approaches the curriculum in a creative manner. Students will not be bored by typical lectures because our program is all about activities, fun, games, trips, significant social figures, and more! After all, the program will take place in summer and no one wants to be bored on his or her vacation.

The Protégés made its first public appearance on April 14th in Kuwait University’s CBA and is setting a booth in CBA this week to encourage students to register and collect applications. We will soon be moving to GUST, AUK, and other colleges and high schools.

Mentors: (order according to attached picture left to right)

  • Meshari Al Mufareh
  • Yarub Burhama
  • Rana Al Khaled
  • Shamlan Al Bahar
  • Bedour Al Shebli
  • Reem Al Hunaidi
  • Aziz Al Adwani
  • Hamda Al Yousef
  • Hamad Al Sayer
  • Abdulla Al Essa
  • Abdulaziz Al Loghani (isn’t in the picture but worked hard to establish the program)

Applicants can register on our website or at our booths.

Website Facebook Twitter

Thanks Maryam


So, Electrozan were kind enough to send us the iPad yesterday to play around with it and review it, okey.. you all know how much I love Macs, but this is different! I’m sure most of u will say that it’s just a big iphone, but this is a kind of product that can’t be in the same room with you, without you finding yourself itching to have your hands all over it! I mean even my mom asked to have a look at it and try it! I know this might sound like a childish expression but “it’s really really COOL”!

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