I first ate at Abou Al Sid restaurant (مطعم أبو السيد) in Sharm AlSeikh last year and it was the first time I experience a tasty egyptian cooking. Usually egyptian food (no offense) is all about quantity and no quality, Greasy food without a real identity (I’ve been to cairo a couple of times and I assure you I tried the best places. They all sucked. Rubber tastes better than their best dishes). But my perception changed when I tried ABou AL Sid in Sharm AlSheikh. I loved the food! and the restaurant’s ambience and overall feel was unique too

Very good interiors and feels authentic. Lots of paintings for 30’s 40’s and 50’s celebrities.

This dish was a run a way hit. meat kubba but tastes reallly good.

^Personally I hate this dessert, Om Ali, but in there it tasted different. It actually tasted like a real dessert and not a sugary goo. We went a second time just to have Om Ali again.

I’m excited that Abou Al Sid is opening. I don’t have much information about it though, all I know that Sultan Center got the franchise.

Thanks Bader


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7 Responses to “ABou Al Sid Restaurant in Kuwait Soon”

  1. Ansam says:

    Back when I went to Cairo (http://ansam518.blogspot.com/2009/04/cairo-part-iii.html) the waiter told me the same thing, that they are opening a branch in Kuwait and I was so happy… he said soon, but I dont know how soon it is. I agree with you on their food! Its FABULOUS! Oh my, my friend recommended I try Sharkasiya and I did.. I want one NOW! Your pictures are not helping but thanks for the reassurance, I hope they are really opening in town and not just saying it

  2. ahwa 7alata taklaa wenta eb ma9eer !!


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  3. m7 says:

    yummmm ma tfakarneesh ya5oya !
    w abu elsid elly fe elzamalik killa full u have to reserve a table gabel yomain bas eyannaaaaan !
    enshalla ma yba6lona bel kuwait 7alata hnak !

  4. Mohamed says:

    S7 7lath we enta besharm don’t come here plz

  5. lendmeurear says:

    It is the first time I hear about this restaurant; I thought maybe because I am not a Cairene. So I asked my husband about it and he never heard of it before as well. I’m so surprised since it’s so popular! Next time I’m in Cairo I will definitely ask about it! Thanks for the review!

  6. essa says:

    eeee hathaa 3ala6ool ero7la etha kena ebma9er .. ohwa elwa7eed ma3a abo shaqrah ely maysawy tasamom o akelhom 7elo 😛

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