The 3 guys behind Chocolate Farm sent us a sample of their desserts to review, and I got to use my little studio for a little photo shoot session!


They’re very creative. I liked the box and how firmly the little cups where planted in there, how the Oreo crumbs looked like dirt, and how they didn’t forget to provide forks for some instant digging. Everything looked so earthly and worked well together.


Simple. I think they took an easy recipe that everyone liked and made it available for orders. The cups were filled with little sponge cakes at the bottom (ala saralee) and then thick layer of your flavor of choice, then topped with Oreo crumbs. I liked the 2 flavors I tried and my friends also enjoyed them.


Chocolate, White Cream and Peanut butter. I’m not that into peanut butter, so I only tried the chocolate and the white chocolatey creamy sauce (which somehow reminded me of nestle’s sweetened condensed milk) and both flavors were gewd. Sweet and barely enough to satisfy a little craving. Major cravings need at least 3 of those cups!


They’re cute, delicious and simple. Nothing was overpowering and no weird flavors. Just a good old simple dessert.

They’re KD 4 a dozen and You get to choose the flavors to make up a dozen of your choice.


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10 Responses to “Chocolate Farm Review”

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  2. swera says:

    mashallaaah yam yam this looks extremely beautiful 🙂 i think they’ve done hard work to make it look like that! and their prices are reasonable!

  3. manayer says:

    Phenomenal pictures mashalla…im jealous i really suck at taking pictures so i just stay away from the camera

    3alaikum bl 3afia o mshkoreen 3ala ur honest review
    i wish i can eat it bs DIET! its almost time for swimming lazem i drop a pound or two

  4. KA fan says:

    Is it a company or individual person selling them?

  5. Q80 In Denver says:

    Madre laish a7esa mo 3ajbek hehehe 😛

  6. Fatima says:

    jarabnahom o wallah nafs mageltaw 6a3amhom simple o latheeth.. a7es china 6abaq 7elo emsaweetah o thab6eta..

  7. trekkie says:

    nice pictures but bad choice of background color

  8. Yousef says:

    Swera Agreed their prices are very reasonable!

    manayer Thanks o Allah y3afeech 🙂 Good luck with the diet!

    KA fan I know that it’s a small business by 3 young Kuwaitis.

    Q80 In Denver hehe ana ma ajamil bil reviews 😛

    Fatima it kinda feels like a home made dessert true 🙂

    trekkie I like the white background but I agree with you, I should get some new background colors.

  9. INM says:


  10. yousef's mom says:

    very nice