OSN or whatever it is called now. I hate it. There is nothing good on it when I’m watching, and the timing is way off, it’s always either john stewart or that other funny guy on, never a sitcom when I’m watching.

I just don’t like their new timing. And what was that? (picture above) I don’t like football and my subscription doesn’t include a single football channel, so why the hell was there a game on ShowMovies KIDS the other day!?


This entry was posted on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 at 12:30 am

12 Responses to “I Don’t Like The New Showtime”

  1. Danderma says:

    True wayed damha theqeel

    o they moved ghost whisperers to the Orbit American Plus o there is no way on earth am i subscribing to THAT i am already paying too much as it is y3ni 3la showtime… o they removed the +2 madry +1 hours for showseries o the name OSN reminds me of an ostrich ishway…

    isn’t the whole idea behind the merge is to enable ppl to have both channels?

  2. mm hmm says:

    akh i’m so glad someone else said cuz OSN sucks BIG TIME! I hate the new shows that they have on OSN series (previously show comedy – i think) but that channel used to have THE BEST shows and now… the View, Martha Stewart, the Monique show.. R u kidding me?? what the hell happened!

    And your right there is nothing on tv but Jon Stewart and Colbert and although I love those shows they are making me sick of it because the same episode replays 23 thousand times a day! someone plz talk to them! i want my old programming back!!

  3. Faisal says:

    Chill 7abeebe chill
    t9adg 3balee ana ilryal ilwa7eed ile ykrah football…bs ashwa fee a7ad yfhmnee;)

  4. b says:

    YES exactly! Thank you for pointing that out. there’s nothing to watch anymore.

  5. Ghazi says:

    Ee walla il OSN ma ynba’3a bl marra! A7la shay ellen show o ilbajee w3oooo!!!

  6. wa3 wa3 says:

    1.) INtaw 9aidiat, mino may7ib koora?
    2.) Showtimes yaboon iywaroon every sing game of the prmeier league and there are 15 matches every week, how are they gonna fit all the football matches in 4 showsports huh? y3ne fakir shway
    ooo 90% of kuwait like football or 87% so dont tihnk they;ll give up some of the football matches for 10% or 15% of the people. and blackburn vs birmingham could be important for some people lots and lots of people, watch everysingle football match in the epl! so shhhhh

  7. Yousef says:

    wa3 wa3, although you made some really valid points (not), I’m a paying customer and if that means nothing to you, it sure means a hell lot to the people I’m paying. I paid for a specific subscription that didn’t include sport channels, so having them show a game on a movie channel is unprofessional, and trust me i don’t care how many games they have to show during the week.. walllah ako 15 games o only 4 sport channels… wana shako? add more sport channels for those who paid to watch sports…

    showing those games on a MOVIE channel is wrong. You just can’t argue with that 😛

  8. wa3 wa3 says:

    when u pay for OSN, u get the whole package -_-

  9. Yousef says:

    wrong. they still have packages and you choose which package best suits you.

  10. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Yeah they messed the whole package! I was disappointed, especially with the sitcoms in3admaw!
    I agree with u Yousef on why in the world are they showing football matches on the movie channels! They really should add more channels for those games!
    AlJazeera wayd artb o anthm, besides they have the “Calcio” lol ;p ish7alata!

    wa3 wa3: When people watch Blackburn VS. Birmingham 7adaa ma3ndhum sh’3l! and “if” there are people who do.. yn3adown 3la ela9ab3!

    a. Its not enjoyable to watch two teams, that are not competing for the title nor the champions league!

    b. Its not the Calcio! where every single game, no matter what teams are playing together, its is still enjoyable like hell! And “makes a difference in the league”

    c. The merge is a failure! I for one enjoy watching those games but, still love watching the entertaining part of the package such as series and movies. Unfortunately, they have failed to deliver this aspect. 🙁

  11. Marzouq says:

    Not a big fan of the new OSN, the network setup is a bit annoying! Can’t find the channels, luckily I don’t watch it much!

  12. Q80 In Denver says:

    wallah madre eshlageen eb Showtime+Orbit ‘3air el sports .. mosalsalat dathra oo aflam adthar! ya 7alat el wa7ed lay 9ar 3enda Media player tank .. nazel ele tabeeh oo ertaaaaa7! 🙂