I heard he was warned to remove all the signs, and now instead of taking them off he added, defyingly, Allah on top.

Thanks ANM


This entry was posted on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 at 11:29 pm

17 Responses to “More Signs?”

  1. lendmeurear says:

    I just saw that yesterday as well. What’s the deal?

  2. Scotch says:

    at least its for a good cause. 3ash el refa3i

  3. جزاه الله خير

    ما ادري ليش بعض البشر محترين الريال بيته وارضه وكيفه انتو اشكو ؟؟

  4. Khalid says:

    ib mezaan 7asanatah inshalah..

  5. Alondra says:

    seriously what this man wants
    and where is all these going ??????

  6. e7mood says:

    laaa etshofaaaa beelail weyaa lights mashaalaaa……. e wala alaaah yaajraah enshalaa

  7. Victoria says:

    because allah and advertising go hand and hand…?

  8. ii says:

    Alsunnah is to follow what prophet Mohammed (sallah Allah alaih wassallam) did, and there is no where in the Quran or the hadeeth that says that prophet Mohammed (sallah Allah alaih wassallam) did something like that to his house. Even indoors he didn’t have the words Allah painted or written on the walls, NOT even in his mosque. Sorry but its an eyesore!

  9. Budour says:

    It’s like a Las Vegas show!

  10. Pretoria says:

    This is unrelated but what’s up with Fahad Al-othman, he’s everywhere these days. IMO his ads seem forced.

  11. Ba6alah says:

    lol sheghel e3nad

  12. s. says:

    i agree that it is an eyesore, I wish he had done it more tastefully.

    However, I disagree with making him take these down cuz there are a lot of uglier things that need to be removed, yat 3ala hatha ya3ny!

  13. 5alid says:

    I’m ashamed to call you my fellow country men w ilee mu 3ajba ism rabna ana agoola hathy mn ajmal il ashya2 tlgaha bl kuwait and he paid for it he didnt put them up illegally ashoof itha a7ad 7a6 i3lan club aw bar ra7 yfta7 bl kuwait mar ra7 t7al6mon bs itha ism rabik it 6ali3 mlyoon 3ithr

  14. mimi says:

    allah ya7fethek ya Fo2ad ALRifaie

  15. Smoofed says:

    yizaaah allah khair! Please add more ya Al-Rifae
    …iksir 3ainhom!!

  16. Samia says:

    Actually saw it when its being hung there!
    It’s Causing lot of controversy, It’s Sweet if it’s Done Nicely But its super ugly when he does it like that! esp at night! the lights are Ridiculous, what is they trying to say?
    Whats happened to beautiful Typography of the arabic Script? I don’t See churches do it like that :S I don’t mean that we should not imitate anyone but its not organized and its Annoying with all the banners. and now I saw them Installing a palm tree lantern!

  17. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    I saw this when I came down from chalet! Ishda3wh kl hatha?! wni3m b allah, but this says a lot about the owner, looks like he has some issues, I thought that was a store or an office for zakat or charity1 I just don’t get it! :/