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I can’t believe that something like that can happen in our Kuwait. Whoever was responsible for this unjustifiable act, should get what they deserve, and then some more!

Thanks Amer


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  2. e7mood says:

    Comment deleted

  3. Miss Remote Control says:

    e7mood, I’m not sure what’s more disgusting the event that happened or your mockery. Allah layableena wala yabli 3yalna ya rab.

    I hate ida5iliya o arafha ….

  4. e7mood I really recommend you [EDITED By Admin] soulless bastard!! :@

  5. Dana Khamis says:

    I was brought to this blog through a comment on ilsul6ana blog. The details on ilsul6ana’s blog were given to her by MY BEST FRIEND who has been with me day and night through this tragic week of mine.

    e7mood – I am Dana herself and I do not even think its a joke. This guy has committed 2nd degree murder and took my beautiful mother away from me. I cannot believe there are such sick minded people in this place. It is disgusting. I was there and I went through it and I am traumatized for life. For what this police man did to me and my mother and my family and for the fact that the stress killed me mother.
    DO NOT EVEN TRY TO SAY ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH CAN ONLY BE TOLD BY ME. WANT TO SEE PROOF? Check Al Watan TV this THURSDAY around 9pm on Khaled Abdul Jaleel’s for the interview with my father and I.

    Dear SOMEcontrast- please remove e7mood’s sick and disturbing comment. I will not tolerate anyone talking about my mother this way and pretending they know anything about the situation when they were not there in the first place. My mother did nothing wrong to anyone. This place is just filled with sick minded people.
    Best regards;
    Dana Khamis

  6. Dana Khamis says:

    Thank you for deleting the extremely disturbing comment. I truly appreciate it. I hope people have the respect not to say anything that they “think” happened with out hearing it from my own mouth. I experienced it first hand. I only know the truth.

    I truly appreciate it.
    Thank you.

  7. Yousef says:

    I don’t know if you’re Dana herself or not, coz i’ve encountered commenters who do stuff like that. Regardless, I deleted the post coz your comment made sense. I wouldn’t want anyone to talk about me like that either.

    I’m truly sorry something like that ever happened here in Kuwait and that someone had to lose their mother in such a way. It’s just heartbreaking. May God avenge the family.

  8. Sara says:

    Alla ykon b3onech Dana
    This is wrong and hopefully inshalla they will get wat they deserve!!!
    God be with u and ur family

  9. 3azeez says:

    It can, things even worse than this have happened before, no one done anything.

    Girls have been killed before after their cars have crashed due to police chases (they were running away out of shame or worry cuz they were dating). Same happened with guys…

    I have a relative, father of four, is completely paralyzed now because an 18 years old cross the red signal and crashed into him.

    Guess what happened to the kid? He was released from the police station on the day of the accident. The accident file, including the eye witnesses testimonies and contacts, were ‘lost’ because of some high ranked police officer. To make things even worse, when the family sued the kid, their lawyer tried to blame the paralyzed person for causing the accident!

    The kid is still living his life as if nothing has happened. in fact he was picked up from a party the following day after the accident for further investigation. And just to feel what kind of shit we’re in, that kid is not son of wealthy or influential family.

  10. e7mood says:

    fine ill watch it and this thing got personal so am gana ask my friends to get me the name of the guy who arrested you and get the story from his side and post it right here

    oo mara7 ared 3alaich cuz wat ur going through bs 9adgeeni law any other time chan shefty shy thaniii

    other commenters on me you can just go screw your selfs

    and for the admin no comment

  11. Nadia A.J. says:

    Thank you all for your comments and support for Dana and her family!

    Yousef: You may not believe that was Dana Khamis herself, however if you would like to really know you can contact me or her. You have both our emails and im even willing to give you my mobile number. A FUTHER NOTE: Check out Al Watan Daily (English), her story has made headline news, and her case has become INTERNATIONAL. There are activists against this so called “human being”, and the case is also goin to the SOCIETY OF HUMAN RIGHTS!

    e7mood: shut ur god damn mouth! YES IT IS PERSONAL! and ya go get the story from that low life, every word out of his disgusting mouth will be a lie! AND YOU SHOULD PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN IN SHAME FOR TRYING TO SPREAD RUMORS ABOUT SOMETHING YOU DONT EVEN KNOW! and for threats u better watch it ,WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND! YOUR SICK!

  12. Nadia A.J. says:


  13. Nadia A.J. says:

    3azeez: im really sorry bout your relative, the kid will get what he deserves sooner or later. Policies and procedures need to be changed, the laws need to be changed. its jus sad, really sad.

  14. e7mood says:

    Nadia bared 3alaich eb your own words ;p


    el da3waa mardhaa oo eb etyeech ;p and for threats.. should i watch it from you ;p???

  15. Anon says:

    Hatred is not the answer here people.
    A terrible thing has happened and you are all making it worse. You are breeding more hatred and gossip that is not worth it.
    Dana, I hope someday you will be able to find peace. I hope the men who did this to you and your family rot in hell for what they have done.

  16. Nadia A.J. says:

    e7mood: ur not wirth another breath 🙂

    Anon: you are completely right!

  17. KaLeeDo says:

    e7mood youre an inbred idiot who seems to want some attention from people because I guess your mom never gave you a hug growing up. Go f yourself

  18. Guest says:

    what a horrible tragedy… if the poor girl only new that the 3askary had no right whatsoever based on the kuwaiti constitution to drag her to a police station without charging her for a crime and having a court issued arrest warrent, maybe the mother would be with them today… Inna Lilaaah waa inna ilaihee raji3oon….

  19. anonymous says:

    Is there an English version of the story somewhere?

  20. Miss Remote Control says:

    lol… I swear this 7mood guy is a joke.

    I don’t think it’s right wishing him a tragedy like that though. You wouldn’t wish that to anyone – be it a friend or foe.

    Anyway e7mood you missed your 9 pm pill so stick to your medication buddy.

  21. 3azeez says:

    e7mood, you want the story from the other side? trust me its a typical story… an undercover guy whose got nothing to do with traffic, saw a girl that he liked or disliked (whether she did traffic violation or simply done something he doesn’t approve of, like smiling to another guy). He then decided to stop her and annoy her, the girl being educated and knows her right and didn’t go along with the guy (ma 3a6itah waih), he didn’t like her and wanted to annoy her. This happens to every one, happened to me once and happened to my friends many times.

    he dragged her to police station, they didn’t have anything on her, he insisted there is something on her, and insisted to annoy her even more by transferring her somewhere else, just to humiliate her. Somewhere around this time her mom passed away.

    Where is that guy now? Probably having a good time, living his life… as if nothing even happened.

    Will he do it again to other girls or guys? Yes.
    Will he feel guilty? Never.
    Will they prosecute him or even discharge him? No.

    Life in Kuwait is worthless. People die everyday from car accidents no one ever said a word. Human rights get violated every minute. No one has the balls to speak out. If you don’t know your country then you are ignorant.

    Go out, learn whats going on. Get a life.

  22. Abdullah says:

    i think e7mood is trying to defend the policeman, its right that you need to listen to the other party and PROVE it. But overall you need to confess that most of Kuwait policemen are “Zbala” .. and i said “most” and not “All”. I know policeman who can be an example for any policeman in the world! and I know some of them don’t deserve to wear their uniform.

    let me give you an example, this is a story i heard from a girl i know .. a policeman stopped her in the street which is normal IF she’s doing something wrong .. but to stop her and ask her “Wain ray7a?” and thats it! WTF! If he did this one day, he will do what happened to Dana another day! or oohh .. lets wait and hear what e7mood “think” is the reason of this story!

  23. I says:

    That e7mood guy is a typical waste of gods resources trying to defend this so called police man (i hate calling him that! :@) and he’s failing badly at it, really badly!! I recommend you take screen shots and post them on FAIL blog!!

    And to the poor soul Dana, I’m really sorry for you, when I heard about it I nearly broke into tears, I know what it’s like to lose a mother, especially in this tragic way! May your mother rests in peace, and may god give you and your family the ability to endure this, and don’t worry, god is up there, and if the government don’t react (which they probably won’t) then god will!!

  24. boyouysef says:

    allah yer7am dana mother inshalaa o eysaberkom 3la a7znakom o eysaber el waled ana sem3t enah kan ta3baan bl 3aza waied allah ey3eeenah o ey3een e3yalaah 3la fagd omhom

  25. Nadia A.J. says:

    i’ve just got news that her story is being talked bout on Marina FM

  26. Anon says:

    Seriosuly advice to all..don’t be afraid of the police..actually if u feel u didn’t do anything wrong u tell him that to his face…and threaten him, tell him that u got his name and that YOU will get him fired..I tried it, made him piss his pants and im a girl..they just need someone to stand up to thier faces..

  27. Alondra says:

    شالسالفة بالضبط .. الحين اللواء الشمالي يقول اهي قلت ادبها و عشان جذي الظابط ادعى عليها
    لحظة و شلون يدعي عليها و بنفس الوقت يحطها بالدورية جنها مجرمه.. وين البينة وين الشهود شالحجي ؟!؟!؟!؟
    انا مو فاهمة القانون عندنا تغير ؟ ولا اهو جذي اصلا !!!!

  28. 3azeez says:

    Watching the interview right now. Its a pity that you can’t express ur self in Arabic or English.

  29. e7mood says:

    Dear Admin,
    you have made most commenters abuse me without reading my first post and just replying on ppl comments including my self bs rab el 3arsh egool eb ketaba “ya ayoha altheen amanooo etha jakom faasegon benab2in fa tabynoo”

    Dear Commenter,
    i mentioned eb my first post(deleted post) that i dont believe the story in the article ena some policemen would do wat he did for no reason and anyone watching el mogabalaa would release that i was right and hearing the story from the 4th party (el shemalii) made us all realize that the newpaper article is full of B.S

    Dear Dana,
    sick minded people like me as you called me in your post would not give a finger to someone in the street for no reason
    sick minded people like me would mention that there was 15 policmen all over me when u were standing alone oo no one was even looking at u, maybe not at that time but u should have asked the video to include wat ur saying
    sick minded people like me wouldnt fail to mention that the article didnt reflect that your mother dies 2 days after the incident

    Dear 3azez & abdullah,
    thnx for understanding my poing of view

    Dear others,
    go ******* your self one more time

    Best Regards,

  30. m7ammad says:

    We need to know more about this story cuz I felt like I’m watching Prison break.. Anyway, allah yer7am el om.. Maybe she was sick and the reason of death wasn’t because of her daughter..Newspapers always love to make action in stories..

    Everyone have the right to say whatever he/she wants.. So don’t blame commenters on what they say.. Likewise, I agree with what hanoud said

    With all my respect to you dana, We will check about the real story and come back again..

  31. Yousef says:

    e7mood 7aram 3alaik ely ga3ed etgoola tara mo zain 3alaik.

    I mean I saw the interview and there is no telling whether the girl made any inappropriate hand gestures. It’s his word against hers.

    And about your first (deleted) post, I read it, and just reread it again, it’s full of nonsense and the scenario you wrote is still full of flaws and offensive.

    Allah 9a7ee7 gal “watabayano” lakin still tara ena ba3th ethan ithim.. 3ad enta shallah 7aadik wagif hal wagfa thid ilbint? matkhaf bachir Allah y3aqbik etha kint ‘3al6an?

    o ba3dain, Don’t you feel sorry for the girl? I mean lets assume and just for arguments sake that she did a bad hand gesture.. the girl’s mother just died. Show some sympathy laykoon galbik jasy chithee mo zain.

    esalfa ebkoborha mateswa ely 9aar laha, hashay lazim mako athnain yekhtalfon 3alaih. sawa2an kan hirin aw kanat raf3a 9ebe3ha.. MATISWA! te9arwa3at el om chithee lain ertefa3 thaq6ha o 7ashat’ha jal6a?! 7aasha! wain ga3deen a7na!?

    3omoman.. Allah y9aberhom o yahdy eljemee3 inshallah.

    NOTE: I have no problem whatsoever that you may be trying to defend the policeman, not at all. My only problem is how unsympathetic you are with someone whose mother had just died.

  32. m7ammad says:


  33. D.A.S. says:

    This is heart breaking and it is become a social issue! People are becoming aware of what’s going on in Kuwait! oo The truth will soon come out! Hopefully no ” Vitamin ‘W’ or ‘و’ ” get involved to save the dude’s ***!! Policeman or not! He had no right to do what he did! “Most” and not ALL guys in Kuwait think that they own the road or that they can bother girls.. Just because he’s a MALE! Tir’6ooonha 3ala 5awaatkom?! Wila banaat ahalkom?!

    Dana: I’m so sorry for your loss, Allah yir7amha oo i’3amid rooo7a il jannah oo 3asa Allah i9aber igloobkom oo inshalla a5er ela7zaan! Don’t let this break you! We’re all standing by your side!

    To the ignorant people that think that guy had the right to do what he did! and that he is innocent! EVEN AFTER you watched the Watan TV interview! Wake up and smell the coffee!! The LONG break they took after the first few minutes with Al-Shamali (WHY WAS IT THAT LONG?! Did they tell Abduljalil to stop making the MOI sound so bad?!) Al-Shamali was brave enough to go on TV.. yeah … bas him saying that going to the police is ok.. a girl in a police car is ok.. its like going to a clinic! Ana agoool!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!! YOU’RE IN KUWAIT!! IT’S NOT 3AAADI!! Saying that his daughter went through the same thing and he said don’t mention my name!! (laish ashkara vitamin W) oo laish el Civil ID maa feeha her fullname!! I Bet YOU that even if she (his daughter didn’t mention it.. the afraad will freak out from your position oo 120% they weren’t gonna make a big fuss about it! Bringing Al-Shamali to the show was pointless coz he didn’t answer any question asked by Abduljaleel!

    I agree with one of the comments above that policemen (some) let girls pull over just because they wanna chit-chat thinking that the girl will freak out just because he’s in uniform! Just say you got his name or ID Num. and check out who’s freaking out in the end! Dear men of uniform! Respect the Uniform and that is how people will respect your authority.

    People! respect Dana! and don’t make a big fuss about it if your not supporting her! Because your blabbing will not add anything.. other than increase gossip in Kuwait! Oo mashalla il Kuwaitiyeen ma i7iboon ilqeel wil qaaal oo kil wa7id izeeed ibharaat! Ri2faw ib 7aaal libnaya oo ahalha! oo id3oolohom 3asa Allah i9aber iglooobhom 3ala ili ohma feeh! Don’t be bias or contradict yourself… Just be human! and put yourself in her shoes! Will you be saying the same thing if its a member of your family? or a dear friend of yours? or even yourself? Think before you talk and blab! oo 3asa Allah ma i7i6 a7ad feekom ib hal mawqif!

  34. e7mood says:

    shooof oboy yousef ana lama 7a6ait my first post makeent adrii mino a9laan hal bent oo mino omha oo mino obohaa…. kelyoom negraa a5baaar bel jaraayed oo 5a9atan bel wa66an faa i commented 3ala el magalaa lekonha magala maktoba min kateeeb i HAD NOTHING AGAINST el ash5aa9 bs mas2alat ena eghal6oon 3alai eb sha59ii okaay abla3haa bs mas2alat teyey ra3yaaat el salfaaa wetghaleeee6 3alai la yobaa ana ehnii lee wagfaaa !!!! awal shy ana gelt rayey oo makaan ga9dii tajree7 eb daana oo thani shy law ehya gaylaa eb kelmtain ” e7mood tra am dana oo this wat really happend, watch wa6an tv 9 pm” kent ba7eee6 el saniii eb 7aljjiii ooo baskeeet tagdeeeeran 7ag ay a7ad emoor eb therofhaaaa bs mo hathaa ely 9aaar !!!!!!! oo 3ala fekraaa yousef lama thekart el ayaaah “watabyanoo” makaaan qa9diii danaa….. wabayanoo min ra3iii el magaalaah el ketabha bel jarayaed 7ag alaaaf el mo2alafaa men enaaaas wana traaani laaa a3arf sher6ii wala lee shegeeel feeh a9laaan
    and yes i do feel sorry for her bs eb nafs el wagt la teyey wetghale6 3alai enii ma ghala

  35. e7mood says:

    ma ghala6t 3alihaa oo again law adrii ena ra7 etkooon from one of the readers chan a9laan ma sharakt bel negaash….

  36. Yousef says:

    e7mood ehya yemkin raddat 3alaik ibqowwa konha me7tara min elkalam ely gelta. ana mitfahhim wejhat natharha besabab thorofha, tadry likuwait wayid esha3at…

    O I forgot to mention this earlier: About other comments against you. ana a9lan ma asheel comments in my blog. Even when the comments are against us the admins, we just don’t do that (only exception is bad language, we remove em). But in this case, i couldn’t refuse her, it’s just too painful and heartbreaking, i couldn’t help but imagine myself or someone close in her position. Sorry for the double standards in this case. But I hope you understand.

  37. m7ammad says:

    ya jema3a shfeeekum lajaito el walad.. khalas ohwa gal raya sh3alaikum menna

    + i never believe anything abduljeleeel says..

  38. Yousef says:

    m7ammad hehe aasfeen az3ajnak 6al 3omrok :

  39. m7ammad says:

    the policeman always does what he’s ordered to do.. mafeeha shay enna kan shaak bl bent 7ata law ehya mo msawyaaa shay this is thier job.. la tkabron esalfa .. qaddar allah ma sha2 fa3al..

    tara its very normal enna ywadon a7ad makhfar oo ohwa mo msawi shay.. hathi kelha ejra2at amniyaaa..

  40. 3azeez says:

    I watched the whole interview. I must admit my blood pressure sky rocketed and i felt dizzy afterwards. Allah ekon fe 3oon Danah. I just hope she wont end up blaming her self for this.

    We have to face the reality, there are bad people out there and Danah was at the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to react at the wrong way to the wrong person.

    Putting that aside, the show was aired eblailat jum3a… i pity that guy now… just imagine cham wa7id o wa7da da3aw 3alaih… again, lailat jum3a.

    Its really disturbing… Look at the time now, almost 4 am I still couldn’t sleep because of what I saw. Is there a way to keep in touch with Danah?

  41. 3azeez says:

    @m7ammad, according to elliwa2 elli qabiloh msa3… enna el 3askari qaleel adab o ma3inda a5laq elli a9ar ennah etil el bint lelma5far o a9ar enna esajil shakwa.

    End of story.

  42. e7mood says:

    yobaa alah ya36eek el 3afyaa oo atmana enek tefhaam wejhaat natharii bel mawgeef ely en7aa6ait feeh oo i doo understand oo raytek baithaa oo ana 3an nafsii 6a7 el 7a6aaab oo te9b7oon 3ala alf 5air

  43. m7ammad says:

    went mn ahlaaaa e7mood mee too goodnight

    o0 lat3eeedonha mara thanya tet’haweshon.. warana 9alat jem3aa

  44. D.A.S. says:

    e7mood: sorry for intruding bas i think you should chill! Libnaaaaya waaain winta wain?! oo ba3dain you stating that “law adrii ena ra7 etkooon from one of the readers chan a9laan ma sharakt bel negaash….” kinda means ina yaaa inik bitshafer kalaaamik wila mara7 itgoool ur true opinion… il7imdella ina we have freedom of speech bil q8! bas el tareeqa eli u approached el mawthou3 wasn’t appropriate… oo about the media! akeeed bizeeedooon ibharaat or twitch the story ishwaiya coz at the end of the day they don’t care! they just want a headline that would sell!! a headline that would get people interested oo just talk about ina this publication said this oo ee hatha il truth oo hal 5arabee6!

    I have a question for you e7mood… if you were in her shoes oo one of theses POLICEWOMEN did the same to you what would you reaction be?! Ina IBNAYA itgi6ik ib dawriya… shino ridoood fi3lik?!

    oo ba3dain the Video of the Police dept. surveillance camera .. didn’t show anything..! it was just when the girl arrived.. laa omha (ra7mat Allah 3alaiyha) wa la obooha kanaw feeh! so didn’t it cross your mind ina that was when she first arrived in? oo ba3dain even if it didn’t show malyoon wa7id oo shir6a oo madri shino! Why was the screen blurred? Why didn’t they show the full thing? why wasn’t it full screen? 7atan lo libnaya wagfa ibroo7ha!! Yuba IBNAYA IB MA5FAR! oo IBROO7a!! tir’6aaha 3ala ahalik? oo what proves ina the men around her weren’t undercover police?

  45. Yousef says:

    m7ammad ana bs mani fahim ena shlon y9eer wa7id mo ebwagt dawamah elrasy ena yakhith daftar o laisan el bint o ewadeeha elmakhfar.. o 7ajjy.. athan el fayer tara 😛

    3azeez all of my friends and i were plastered to the tv when the show was on. We were all extremely minba66a chabdna 3ala ely ga3ed nesma3a… ana gomt yom 6ala3 elshemaly.. NO OFFENSE! but i did not like his part of the inteview.

    e7mood y3afeek o wenta min ahla hehe

  46. m7ammad says:

    ya jema3at el khair khalas

    yalla nensa eli 7a9al oo nej3al edenya amal..

    7asastoni eni eb ma7kama..

  47. D.A.S. says:

    The whole part of interviewing the Al-Shamali guy was POINTLESS .. coz ma gaaal laa 7ag wa la baa6el!

    Ya jimaa3a id3aw 7ag om Dana bil ra7ma! oo 3asa Allah i9aber iglooobohom!

    Oo 3asaaakom kilikom ib3aaaaaad min ay moskila oo loya!

    Yousef says: “tadry likuwait wayid esha3at…” 7ADDA!!! gabil kaan phone.. then msn.. now with the BB phase broadcasts oo loya! laish el naas it7ib itsawi LOYA? oo ma isidooon i7looojhom oo ifakrooon gabil ma yitkalimooon!

  48. e7mood says:

    DAS ive made my peace with the topic with all due respect to ur points ;**

  49. D.A.S. says:

    e7mood: i think it showed up late coz everyone is posting at the same time :p plus i had a lot to say :p

  50. safi says:

    I’m glad you covered this topic Yousef. I posted my views on the issue just after watching the show on AlWatan TV too.

    I thought I’d share with you guys: http://kuwait89.blogspot.com/2010/04/rip-julie-khamis.html

  51. m7ammad says:

    yousif 9edtaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Safi ga3ed ysawi da3ayaaa 7ag blog thani

    this is unacceptable :Pp we are loyal to this blog (bethab6 thani mara adesha)

  52. Dalal says:

    awal shy, 3atham alla ajrech ya dana. o thani shy, ana awafeq elekhwan elli galaw enna e7na lazm nesm3 el6araf elthani la’nna ma yseer njarrem elnas o n7kom 3laihom w7na ma sem3na ella mn 6araf wa7ed. ana ma ashkek eb mesdaqiat a7ad aw shy bss lazm nqn3 elnas belli ga3deen ngoolh.
    o shy akeed kelna n3rfa o kelna noa’men feeh, enna moot el om kan byseer la’nna hlshy mktoob sewaa’ sarat elsalfa wella ma sarat !!
    o mahma kan eltsarof elli sawah elmetsabbeb blmeshkela sa7 aw ghala6 a3tqed hlshy wezarat eldakhilya tegdar tetsaraf ma3ah feeh. fa elmfroth mn elwa6an methel ma yabaw Dana tetkallam 3n elli sar fa lazm ta36y forsa 7g el6araf elthani yetkallam wn3ref menna shelli khalah ysawi chthy.
    o alla ma ra7 ythye3 7g a7ad mthloom mahma wsalat elsalfa o mahma sar (:
    thnx for reading.

  53. Me says:

    the main point in this story or any other incidence like that is too have a RECORDER with you where ever u go. Cause in this way u can know the truth and only the truth.. I ask APPLE to create a recorder that can be insantly and easily used and have it everywhere u need it.

    Have a nice day

  54. Sarah says:


    My heart and prayers go out to you an your family during this time. I watched the interview on friday and was in tears the whole time. I cant imagine what you must be going through. Sadly, there are scum in our world and we have to deal with them on a daily basis. All I can say is try not to live your life with hate and revenage in your heart. I know the subject is still fresh, but honor your mother by living your life with peace in your heart not hatred. Trust that God will deal with those that did your family wrong, and have faith that everything happens for a reason.

    Again, my heart goes out to you and your family. You are very brave.

  55. Um Nasser says:

    Dana you have ALL our support- we too are British women,teachers, married to Kuwaitis, as your dear Mum was, with children like yourself ( half Kuwaiti half British). We feel your pain and sorrow and send you our best wishes and deepest sympathy to you, your sisters and your dear father.

    May Allah punish this policeman in a manner fitting his crime.

  56. NJ says:

    I heard about the story today … I pray that these things don’t happen again to anyone…

    lol why’s everyone replying to e7mood?
    we just ignore idiots like him and hopefully he’ll grow up ,,, My condolences dana. u_u