Tomorrow will be the launching date for Amr Diab’s official Internet radio station. You can check it out HERE




With the above picture?

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She had her first tattoo at the age of 35 and spent the past 20 years covering the rest of her body with tatoos which occupy 95% of her body. All these tatto was done by one single artist.

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Finally with the best timing, Summer season just update your Skype App and enjoy it.




If  …





Then …




I was there today in the parking lot when a perfectly healthy woman, along with her 2 healthy little daughters, parked her car in the handicapped parking area. They strolled past me and walked into the mall like there was nothing wrong with what she just did.

What a great role model.


We saw it in Om AlMaradim Island. Don’t you just love the name?! You gotta love this guy and his amazing Aunt (or) Mother in law!




Since Zain, Viva and Wataniya have all released their MicroSim cards and the iPad 3G is available in Kuwait and the iPhone 4G is on it’s way, Microsims are becoming an issue. MicroSim Adapter may be able to help us in this situation since It converts the MicroSim card into a regular one, so the same card can be used for all devices.

You can order it for about KD2.5 excluding shipping and they ship directly to Kuwait.

You can buy it HERE

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Due to misleading fact that its hand made but in reality its manufactured in factories.


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Along with the little fireplace we built in the chalet we built an outdoor oven for our baking needs. The oven is a little one and wouldn’t fit large stuff as the oven opening is a little small. But hey we managed..

Once it was done, my cousin brought all the stuff needed to bake: Pizzas, Cheese Fateyer and Za3tar. The outcome was really good for first timers! The only problem I think (putting aside the so so pizza sauce and cheese) was the dough, it was perfect for little baked stuff, but not for the big ones (ya3ny 6a3amha kan mal mo3ajanat z’3ar shi’3il bait) that little thing should be solved as we continue our trials Look at the all the pictures


I don’t go to the movies much, especially as of late.. but my friend just brought this slight increase in prices to my attention. Are they doing it again? I thought the KD2.5 was a good price, then they went and made it KD3, and now KD3.5. Cinema companies should be trying to pull the people back into theaters, with the all the ongoing piracy, not push them away with price increases every now and then.

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Don’t we all agree..



خليفة.امارات this is the first Arabic URL and I think Egypt just launched theirs also. Wondering what will be SOMEcontrast in Arabic 🙂




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I posed about my Garmin G60, a couple of days back. Well after installing the 3 maps; US, Europe and ME I started feeding it with my own point of interests, manually, which was taking some serious time, and the process was exceptionally boring!

But then I discovered Garmin’s communicator and everything wasn’t so annoying anymore. All I needed to do was to plug my Garmin to the laptop and open google maps and anything in there can be automatically synced with my Garmin, along with all the attached information; Phone numbers, websites, notes…etc.

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The Guys over at asked us to take a look at their website, review it and post about it. So we were given access to Ekelni, snuck inside and took a peak.. We pretty much liked everything we saw. Ofcourse the site is still being worked on, but it’s kinda almost ready..

So what this Ekelni is all about? is a new online food-ordering service that is about to be launched in Kuwait by a group of young Kuwaitis. Ekelni would be the second service of it’s kind in Kuwait, and hopefully could push up the bar for a better experience. The site looks great and the navigation is pretty simple.. You know what, let me put the things I liked in a list..

I liked:

  • The pages were laid out very nicely and was easy to navigate from one page to another. No clutter.
  • Almost every dish has a picture next to it. You’d appreciate this feature if you ever had to go by a dish’s name at an asian restaurant.
  • Works perfectly on my favorite browser, Safari!
  • An iPhone application to go along with it.
  • The site will be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Cash, K Net, Visa & MaserCards are accepted.

I think its very promising. I enjoyed the little tour around the site and I think you all will once it is launched.

SneakPeak at their iPhone app here


As usual Dubai always the pioneers in everything even in burgers, they’ve just introduced the camel burger.

If you want to try something new, then its located in Local House Restaurant and will cost 20 UAE dirhams (around KD 1.600).