Electrozan are holding an event for the new 3G iPads at their Salmiya branch. They have 2 demos set out for you to try out and get their feel. They’re working on having them in store soon.

The thing with this event is that it’ll be kinda exclusive for you blogs readers. It is only advertised in blogs where Electorzan is a sponsor, so you won’t be annoyed by huge lines and lots of people waiting. You’ll get alone time with the device and try it out all you want. Fill the form below and you’ll have a slot reserved for you to try the iPad out. I was told there are gifts in store for you if you reserved your slot online and went to try it out.

Fill your form here

iPad 3G event is powered by VIVA Micro sim cards.


This entry was posted on Saturday, May 8th, 2010 at 1:29 am

4 Responses to “3G iPad event at Electrozan”

  1. M says:

    el sara7a ma3endhom salfa 3al event !
    coz mako shay ,nafsa el farg bel micro sim card ! so what !

    el fekra 7elwa lo emsawenha 7ag el wifi version awal ma nizal ok coz jihaz yideed o el nas tabi etshoofa , bs el7een aqlab el nas shafaw el ipad o jarebooh o sharooh o khalas ya3ni

    elmafrooth el event etkoon bel bedaya mo now !

    malha da3i

    My own opinion !

  2. Aminos says:

    Hi M, I think it s a good idea, i am booking to see 3G speed against the wifi then i might decide to get one of them.
    I heard, in the US its totally sold out .
    thank u guys for your efforts.

  3. Nasser says:

    Hey all,

    I think xcite did a similar event for the WiFi version in the beginning. After all, what matters to us is the customer experience, and what matters to companies is the competitive advantage.

    I disagree with M, with all my due respect to his opinion

    and my opinion its a smart move from electrozan

  4. sagat says:

    What’s there to try in the 3G and an event ? Oooo internet works WoWoW ..dumb asses … get over the ipad … it sux !