Khaled & Abdullah AlRoudhan, pictured above, delivered a personal invitaiton to Inter Milan’s owner and president Massimo Moratti to attend Al Roudan annual Ramadanian Tournament.

All of Inter Milan’s chief executive Ernesto Paolillo, coach Jose Morrenio, Luis Figo, and Morrati’s son were invited by the organizing committee to the annual event. Khaled AlRoudan have stated that Moratti have showed interest and willingness to attend the event this Ramadan.

For more information check out Goal.com’s article

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10 Responses to “Al Roudan Tournament Invite Massimo Moratti”

  1. TaLaL says:

    Kafoooooo wala ya al Roudan .. gadha wala ..

    mabrouk 7ag kel interista in kuwait . Forzaaaa inter

  2. 7antoosh says:

    6aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa6 6aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa6
    kafooooooooooo wala kafooooo 😉

  3. instantcravings says:

    Any particular reason why the Italian/Spanish leagues are more popular in the GCC compared to the EPL?

  4. manayer says:

    3ashaaaaaaawwwwwww 3yal ilroudhan 3ala rasee walaa


    ana awal wa7da ga3da bl mal3ab

  5. Hamad says:

    instantcravings, not really, epl and la liga both popular then the italian league comes after

  6. ???!!! says:

    so2al y6ra7 nafsa…meno ilmamloo7 mashalla ilee wagef awal wa7ed 3ala ilymeen shwaya asmaranee??

  7. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Hamad: I disagree! I don’t know why the Calcio is degraded that way! When I watch EPL, I know that its either Manchester or Chelsea, wla Chelsea, Manchester?! malaaina 3la 2 inafsoun 3la eldawri! wel La Liga! Oh My God don’t get me started! Barcelona or Madrid! B.O.R.I.N.G!

    You come to the Clacio and u see (6ag im6agag 6 teams competing on the 1st place!) Roma was 14 points away from Inter and they topped them for a couple of weeks. And ended the Calcio with a shed of 2 points! Now thats Football! And one crucial point I would like to emphasize, all Italian teams are tough to beat, u can’t predict the game, u’ll never know the way its going to end! take Siena for e.g. lost to Inter 4-3, while Inter played at home! and now Siena dropped to Serie B! wallah fareeeq 😀 Another e.g.! Chievo worst defense and worst offense in the Calcio! Managed to score 3 goals at Nerazzuri’s HOME!

    Kheetamn ;p I would like to say FORZA ROMA! MERDA INTER! lool ;Pp

  8. Marco Polo says:

    I would say italian serie a is the thing to follow.
    cause as a spanish manager said once (I dont recall which one of them) “real and barca are having a league of their own, we should hand the third a trophy too).
    Forza Inter Campione D’Italia!

  9. kalbonish says:

    flooos zaydaaa shesawon feha ?! akeed ya3ni dawrat o swalef thanaweya 3shan ye6l3oon bl jarayed o el tv o el majalat makshofa el salfa … magol ela nass fathyaaa ! ;P

  10. khaled al- Roudan Jr.-- wld 3am ily bil 9oora says:

    Ilsalaam w 3alaykm.. Anaa wa7d wld ilrothan washkir kiil min y8aadrnaa wintaaw 3aalaa rasee waalaaa… Baaas 7aaag a5r wa7d 3alaa8 gably egool nas fathya… Int abeek ityeeb mo7tarf hindy yl3aaab salaa lilmo3a8een.. Matigdaar tadree laish l2anaa ismik maysma7lik… I7naa ta3abnaa, o shta8alna yalaa banayna dawra mithil hathy 3ashaan eyeena laporta sina ily 6afaat oo moratti ba3aad isboo3 inshalaa… Int shmsawy.. 5ayis ib computirik o ga3d tnagid… Rajaa2aan, 5aal lik ma3naa lil 7ayaaaT oo saaw shay ta5dm feeha deertik.. I7naa month bas ga3deen nrfaa3 ism 3aylatnaa, ilaa ildeera klhaa,, dawraa ramathaneyaa ityeeeb ra2ees nady barshalona oo ra2ees faree8 tawaa fayz ilchampions, inter.. Ana agool 9ik laptopik oo istree7 3amy….