Don’t we all agree..



This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 12:39 am

9 Responses to “Definitely Not A Genius”

  1. KAM says:

    e wla wint 9aaaj… tadri shili y7irrr. ina 3yal ilakaber ili ysawoon hal7araka 3abalhom inhom aham min inas ili 9afa bidooor… o ili y7ir akthar tlagi wafed ma9ri aw hindi aw irani yisaweeha wwaalaho 5ayef min ilsher6a….. moo shafoona nsawi chithi gamaw qalidona….. adri 6awalt-ha bes mi7tar min hal 7araka!!!!!

  2. Glen says:

    You Bet Yousef… Its become such a daily thing off late that people really begin to think they are some smart ass for doing so…. Grrrrr… Wish the people who do this can see this post and realise how big a dumbass they all look to the society…

    Tnx Yousef

  3. Mishary says:

    Etha hatha idiot 3ayal ely ye6la3 3ala 7arat lamaan eshye6la3?

  4. Alondra says:

    every day i meet tens of this idiot genus type and we are late to office because of them :-\
    o elly yamshoon fe 7arat elaaman are not only idiot they r rude because they damage our cars by flying stones

  5. 7antoosh says:

    ana kel yooom akheeeth athamhooom men sebat hoom :S

  6. s. says:

    mako taw3eya or law enforcement .. our policemen are completely useless 7ta il irani yehaze2hum.

  7. Fahad says:

    This happens in Kuwait everyday, i typically honk at these motherfqers and break their route…the cops should start citing them for it.

  8. Chirp says:

    7ada shay yaqhiiir! I hate it! Especially in the morning on the way to work when everyone is waiting their turn and this person comes thinking they can cut jidam kil eli na6reen! Who died and made you king of the road?!
    Tadri shino yaqher, lama el 4th ring road ekoon za7ma, and mathalan you wanna turn into surra’s second turn, you take the turn but you realize ena you cant enter the area just yet cuz some people want to cut in line so they take that lafa area and close it off so they can go jidam one or two cars. YUBA WAIT!
    Ya3ni sometimes wedi anzil wa6ighum min el a39ab eli esabiboonli

  9. BZ says:


    Funny how you translated “7aara” to “area!! Stick to Arabic next time 🙂

    Nonetheless, I do agree with you!