Finally with the best timing, Summer season just update your Skype App and enjoy it.


This entry was posted on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 at 8:06 pm

4 Responses to “iPhone’s Skype App is Now Allowing Voice Calls Over 3G”

  1. manayer says:

    shloon i use it
    ana zero lama it comes to skype o techno!

  2. manayer says:

    o i mean skype iphone not skype in general

  3. Mishary says:

    manayer, Hehehehehe Skype ohwa barnamaj et7e6ena bel iphone o tegdereen tetaslaain mena international calls eb se3er wayed wayeeed erkheees!!

  4. manayer says:

    aha aha!! i c i c!

    ana 3balee y9eer international video call! LOL thuwara!
    shokran 3ala iltaw’9ee7