I don’t go to the movies much, especially as of late.. but my friend just brought this slight increase in prices to my attention. Are they doing it again? I thought the KD2.5 was a good price, then they went and made it KD3, and now KD3.5. Cinema companies should be trying to pull the people back into theaters, with the all the ongoing piracy, not push them away with price increases every now and then.

Thanks Bader


This entry was posted on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 at 12:31 am

18 Responses to “KNCC increased their price, again?”

  1. Frankom says:

    i dont know how to comment on this

    why ? 3.5 !!! even KD3 !! tara sij wayed o aflam mga63a o old

    sorry ana now mirta7 min el download o itha kilish kilish aro7 Dubai ashofley movie there o ared arkhasley eb wayed

  2. .......:) says:

    from what i was told is that 3,5 KD is for movies which are digital, its a new technology that costs more. try supporting cinescape their trying their best to make a change but the gov. does not help that much πŸ˜‰

  3. super-sonic says:

    this price is for the “Digital” screening of the movie, the original screen is still 3KD.
    However the new cenimas, Avenues and 360, show movies mostly on the “Digital” screens and whether there is a noticeable difference is arguable but is it worth the extra money? definitely not.

  4. M says:

    mo emjareb el digital chenik πŸ˜›
    mn ziman morayi7 cinema πŸ˜›

  5. Yousef says:

    Frankom hehe shda3wa dubai

    ……:) Digital huh?

    I just did a quick googling and it turned out that transforming a cinema into a digital one costs a lot. But then again the distribution cost per movie go down considerably. If that is true, then we shouldn’t be charged for a one time upgrade, when their variable costs has gone down.

    All of this aside. KD3.5 is too much for a movie. and I do support KNCC and appreciate their work, but that doesn’t mean I have to agree everything they do.

    super-sonic I think so too.

    M 3asa yaazlik bs?

  6. swera says:

    shfeee yom elathneen bo KD 1.500?! i think it;s the only day thats worth going to the movies πŸ˜›

  7. I didnt actually notice the increase ! but thats really lame !! not only they cut half of the movie, but also you have to pay extra…
    very nice move KNCC !

  8. Alondra says:

    they can do what ever they like to if the are the only competitor
    why not making more profit and less service !!!

  9. Q80 In Denver says:

    methel ma galaw el jema3a .. hatha 7eg el Digital ..

    Yousef esalfa methel el dvd oo el blu-ray ..

    transformation to high definition .. awel ma beda el blu-ray kaan wayed ‘3ali bs shway shway beda ye6ee7 se3ra lain 9ar methel el dvd ele ma bega 3alaih shay oo yen’3ere’9 .. nafs el shay bel cinema .. it costs a bit more la’na new technology oo better one hatha wa7ed .. athnain la’na as3ar el tickets bel 3alam oo awelhom america ga3ed etsha3lel kel sena! fa tara 3ady 6abee3iya el salfa oo m3a el wagt be6ee7 el se3r lay 3 kd

  10. manayer says:

    3ala sheno balla 3.5!!

    film kela mqa6a3!!
    popcorn 5ayis!!
    7o’9oor moz3ij!!

    walla ma aniq mn jaybee walla fils 3ala KNCC

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  12. Manayer says:

    ee oo 9aar 3/4 elMovies e7i6onhom in VIP Soo e9eron 6.000 K.D,, Tara Ga3ad ebogoonaa Somebody Has to Sue xD

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  14. um aisha says:

    only 2D movies r 3.5 kd. the same movie u can watch it 2D worth 3.5 kd or regular view 3 kd. u should have researched be4 saying they increased the price. it’s worth it i like it.

  15. 3azeez says:

    Piracy? Dude you’re in Kuwait… Ministry of communication asks ISPs to block services such as Skype and Fring so mobile phone companies make more profit. Now ministry of interior wants to ban bbm so ppl go back to using sms messages. dont forget to pay your bill too, or ministry of interior wont let you exist the country even if you want to travel for vacation or studying abroad!

    Ministry of information asks ISPs to block torrent sites, sharing sites, and some legal film and rental sites… not to mention their regular censorship that stops dvds and bluerays from coming into the country. movie theaters got nothing to worry about.

  16. kalbonish says:

    3ala cham raboon el tathkara eb 1/4 dinnar ! ya3ni mayser b3ad ham tabon aflam ydeda o karasi more7a o akel 7low o fog kel hatha et7al6mon etha 9ar ay shwayat zyada bl s3er 3shan ywafron hal ashya2 ely tbonha ! y3ni eshm3na lman etro7on london in summer etdf3on 20 pound 3ala el tathkara wntaw sakteen o ehny ma y3jebkom el 3ajab ! agoool 7mdaw rabkom enkom bl kuwait hatha ely agdr agola … ! bye

  17. kalbonish says:


  18. BoMuhalhel says:

    atwa8a3 hatha 7ag 2D oo alfilm al3ady 3KD