Since Zain, Viva and Wataniya have all released their MicroSim cards and the iPad 3G is available in Kuwait and the iPhone 4G is on it’s way, Microsims are becoming an issue. MicroSim Adapter may be able to help us in this situation since It converts the MicroSim card into a regular one, so the same card can be used for all devices.

You can order it for about KD2.5 excluding shipping and they ship directly to Kuwait.

You can buy it HERE

Thanks Ahmad


This entry was posted on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 at 12:36 am

16 Responses to “MicroSim Adapter”

  1. Yousef says:

    Wow great product!

  2. zaina says:

    i dont get why i need it?

  3. Micke says:

    The main reason why you need this adapter is because you can use the cheap data-plan provided by your mobile service provider on any device other than iPad with the help of the adapter.
    I got mine from http://www.microsim2sim.com, they have it designed with an adhesive layer that keeps your microSIM firm in place at any agle. I think they are the only ones that have this model. Also, they sent me as a bonus a special sticker that i could stick to the normal SIM card and cut out microSIM with the help of the guide lines marked on the stick. Overall it’s a great stuff that will probably save me some money.

  4. Reginald says:

    A week ago bought micro sim adapter from http://www.gomicrosim.com. Costs only 4.5 EUR. Really worth it. Now use my simcard in both Ipad and Iphone. Should save me 1440$ since there is no need to sign for the 2 years AT&T plan. Highly recommend this seller, his price and delivery options are the best so far.

  5. Micke says:

    ye, i have looked at that shop too, but the thing is that if you cut your sim card wrong… bad luck for you…you will need to get new one… i have found the stickers that they send as a bonus costing $5 each, well now i think that the adaptor that i got from http://www.microsim2sim.com is much better than other competitors as well as their bonus that made my life easier.

  6. pashtetissimo says:

    Just goot my microSIM adapter from microsim2sim.com . Check out the video i’ve made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwaJnB8fMYA.

  7. Gareth says:

    Hey guys, just found out that there is a way to save more than €1,000. I have ordered a micro sim adapter from microsim.com that lets me use micro sim from my iPad on my mobile. There is no need to sign up for the second 2 year plan with AT&T. They also provided micro sim cutter cliché sticker I guess for those who want to cut their normal SIM. Best price/quality offer on the market right now.

  8. Bradley says:

    I bought one of the microsim2sim adapters recently, and got extremely disappointed. The reason is simple: these guys are using cheap method of applying the sticky tape in the bottom of the plastic case. Thus, when I needed to insert my micro sim back into the Ipad from Iphone, I couldn’t take it out of the adapter.
    So, I had to remove the sticky tape away, and it completely messed up their adapter. In fact, their adapter is a single use one.

  9. Alex says:

    The cheapest adapters are here: http://www.buy-microsim.com
    They provide free worldwide shipping, and ask just for 3.86 Euro per adapter with discount for higher qty.

  10. Steven says:

    As far as i know the best deal for microsim adapter is at http://www.microsim2sim.com They offer a great adapter that allows you to use your microSIM with other devices as well as a microsim cutter sticker. Best offer on the market so far and to top it up they offer free delivery! Order another set as a present for my brother.

  11. Californication says:

    Hi guy, I made my own microsim from this simple n easy

    youtube tutorial. I’m able to use my plan on my iPad

    now. Also they have microsim Adapter to convert back

    this microsim to normal sim as well.
    Check it out.
    Enjoy ! 😀

  12. Californication says:

    Guys, I have bought a microsim adapter from http://www.buy-microsim.com few days ago. 2 of my friends and me get it for USD9.99 @ 3pcs. It is a bargain and it works on our phone nicely! The quality is great.

  13. Ben says:

    Wow, that’s a bit pricey. I found one from an American company called Luxmo for only $6, here: http://www.luxmo.com/c-89-micro-sim-adapter.aspx (even cheaper than all these spammers in the comments here).

    Mine is on its way. Can’t wait to try it out!

  14. Richard says:

    Hi guys. Just bought my Iphone 4g and now looking for the microsim adapter. I’ve heard http://www.gomicrosim.com has good price and quality and is based in UK. What do you think, is it worth buing one?

  15. Niko says:

    It is not safe to buy from unknown people in internet. I bought 5 adapters for only 3.60$ each with free shipping from https://microsim-solutions.com/. I know that this company is real because they have digital certificate issued by known certification authority

  16. Richard says:

    Hi guys! I’ve recently found this cool I-shop on the internet, called http://www.ihandystore.com . It sells inexpensive good quality micro sim adapters and UNIQUE Idecal cases that Insulate iPhone 4 antenna, which may reduces loss, and protect iphone 4 metal band from scratches. Highly recommend it!