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This entry was posted on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 at 10:28 pm

13 Responses to “No Comment”

  1. s. says:

    this is b.s…. i think this picture is from al byoot asraar…. and lebanese tabloids ma3roofeeen kila rumors oo b.s.

  2. Chirp says:

    ana agool min tabdi el yahel ta7bi, yimni3oonha 3ashan irkabha mat9eer soda :p shda3a ag9aha rkaab oo aghlaab el wagt emgha6eya.

  3. s. says:

    Yousef i think u should delete this post.. Seriously, mostawakum a3la min stupid rumors mithil hathy!

  4. manayer says:

    im truly and utterly speechless!

  5. Ms Botamba says:

    mn 9ejha :@

  6. :::ShoSho::: says:

    LoooooooL I don’t know what’s the problem with darker knees really.. it’s ok whether its dark or not shino el moshkela?! I never look at knees anyways I look at people’s faces when I see them..

  7. Alondra says:

    akeeeeeeeed shay 6abe3y o 9a7ee7 100%
    bs khaltenfa3ha rkabha elbetha b jahanam

  8. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    I heard that b4, but they have manipulated her words obviously.. I don’t recall thats what she exactly said! I think she might have implied it

    P.S Rkbat’ha elbaythah btshawah bjahanam good luck with that 😉 bt9eer chal7a mal7a!

    AGOOL! khali9at elmuwathee3?! laish ys2lounha 3n Rukbat’ha?! “Ronaldo” ehi?!! lool ;p

  9. meh says:

    The problem with dark knees (and elbows) is that it is disgusting, revolting and makes a woman less appealing.

    The feeling of seeing a woman with dark knees (and elbows) is similar to the following:
    – Finally reaching your destination then getting hit by a bus.
    – Eating a delicious sandwich only to find out the chef did not wash his hands (or has hepatitis)
    – Using a Mac.
    – Driving a Chinese car.
    – Sweat in the summer, dry , and then re-sweat.
    – Driving with your windows down in beautiful weather then smelling the obnoxious spoiled eggs smell of H2S.

    o meh: Allah y5aleek get over yourself!!

  11. meh says:


    sure, as soon as you bleach your knees and elbows 🙂

  12. anwaar says:

    hi hello how r u ?
    i relly love your blog 😀

    anyways about your bost! moo 9eeej !!
    waaid girls y9l00n o mashalla biath , hal shi ydl 3la el n’6afa . 97 wla l2?

    bs i have one friend she Obsessed with cleanliness but her Knee and elbow (black)! klsh ma yrtb6 bel 9laaaat!! a3eed w akrr waaid bnaat y9loon of course) bs thir knee and elboe are the same thir color of thir skin(mw7d el lon!)

    again .. love u and your blog Good luck