Just found it with one of friends, I don’t think it was intended for regular human cigarettes! But believe me its really HUGE!


This entry was posted on Friday, May 7th, 2010 at 11:23 pm

8 Responses to “One Large Lighter”

  1. اقعد

    هاذي اهي كبيره ولا ايده الصغيره 😛

  2. Sinful Eyes says:

    وااايد من ربعي كل يوم واحد ايني بيده وحده
    ابي اعرف وين احصلها .. محد فيهم راضي يقولي !!
    اكو وحده لونها برتقالي شفتها عند واحد منهم .. اكبر منهم كلهم .. جنها مالت كبيرهم الذي علمهم السحر !!

  3. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    oooWLaa! Is the suppose to lit up a log?! lol ;p

  4. PepsiMan says:

    Mn wain ?????

  5. Falantan says:

    Nice Rolex 😉

  6. sweet says:

    in bu-100 fils market

  7. G says:

    i saw this in alshamiya supermarket :p cigarette section

  8. Mackay says:

    My mom has one in pink! It’s crazy big I tell you =))