Now what the hell is this? I’ve seen spaces reserved for the handicapped and I’ve also seen spaces for pregnant women, but excuse me.. I don’t get the sign!

I mean if you’re a healthy woman, not disabled and not pregnant, why on earth would you be entitled to a free reserved parking? Unless the people behind this consider being a woman is some sort of a disability in itself?

Thanks Fawaz


This guy wanted to live his life faster so he started taking daily pictures of himself for 8 years.


Abdullah Farghali Egyptian actor just passed away on the 18th of May 2010 at the age of 82, Alah Yor7omah. He was in the middle of making of his next Ramadan’s series with Yahya Alfakharani, I’m wondering how they’re going to manage now that he’s gone.


Khaled & Abdullah AlRoudhan, pictured above, delivered a personal invitaiton to Inter Milan’s owner and president Massimo Moratti to attend Al Roudan annual Ramadanian Tournament.

All of Inter Milan’s chief executive Ernesto Paolillo, coach Jose Morrenio, Luis Figo, and Morrati’s son were invited by the organizing committee to the annual event. Khaled AlRoudan have stated that Moratti have showed interest and willingness to attend the event this Ramadan.

For more information check out’s article

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For years me and my family were sharing a single Garmin GPS, for almost 4 years now, So I came to a point that I needed to buy my own GPS with my own POI. I did some research on the net and found that Garmin nuvi’s series are the top in the market when it came to the price, ease of use and battery life. Moreover I was looking for a GPS that got US, Europe & ME maps, all these maps in a single GPS.

I Found the nuvi 275 in which got US & Europe maps on it for and was for KD 55 excluding Aramex shipping and Kuwait customs. Then I had a look at Garmin Kuwait. Went there and found the Nuvifone but I know that was so expensive for a GPS with phone features (KD189), so I told the guy there that I’m not going to pay that much, since it cost more than it should.. but guess what? Turns out they have a discount and were selling it for KD99 with ME maps preloaded in it.

I bought it. And since I got the sim cards to most of the countries that i’ve been to, I’l be able to use the GPS and the phone in a single device, so basically I’m looking to receive emails, calls and using Whatsapp with no gliches.

I’m going to break my review into:

  • Specifications
  • Whats in the box
  • Dimensions
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Conclusion

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Estathmer is a National Campaign targeting a large sector of Kuwaiti Citizens to both encourage and educate them on Investment in the Local Market. Both the seminars and the workshops are for free and will be held in GUST (The Gulf University for Science and Technology). The workshops require you to register in advance. Again the workshops are for free, they will be conducted by expertise in the related fields and each participant in all workshops will receive a certificate.

Thanks Yasmeen

Estathmer website




You gotta love the lazy people behind this invention. I remember a couple of years back Mishary telling me about his room in Japan having one of these toilets where it does everything for you, and I remember being very impressed by the idea. Now my other friend found this one in Bahrain’s Ritz hotel.

I wonder if it’s available in Kuwait.. I would feel weird using one of these but I know at least one lazy friend who’d kill for this toilet!

Thanks bo9ale7


Its available now and you can get it for 5KD KD2 if you want to replace your existing E-Go sim or KD5 to buy a new one.


The same data rates goes for the Microsims. The packages:

Up to 600kb/s:

Zain Subscribers KD 13.5
Non Zain Subscribers KD 15

Up to 7.2mbps:

Zain Subscribers KD 27
Non Zain Subscribers KD 30

Up to 21.6 mbps:

Zain Subscribers KD 32
Non Zain Subscribers KD 35


I found this online which shows how this guy is using his ex-wife’s wedding dress in many unbelievable ways.

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My friend baked us some of these ready made Chocolate chip cookie-dough over the weekend and they were just amazing. The taste is just right and it was extremely easy to make. He baked 2 batches, a regular sized batch and a generous sized batch. The latter was a killer.

Thanks Bader

More pictures


Almost one year ago I wrote about receiving an arabic skin for my Mac Air’s keyboard which helped me write in arabic without the need of getting them imprinted on the keyboard. Back then the only problem was that it prevents the backlighting, which really takes a big feature away from my keyboard. A couple of weeks ago I saw a mac with 9k2hn with the same skin but transparent
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Just got this sms “زين تهنئك بحلول 4 سنه معنا. نقدم 600 دقيقه مجاناً ابتداء من الشهر القادم” and also one lady called me from Zain telling me the same. Thanks Zain!


Volvo invite a group of journalists and photographers to show off it’s auto break technology.




The Bed Boutique Revisited

I was just coming out of Tilal in Shuwaikh when I cam across the bed boutique. I wanted to buy some more of their Tampur pillows (I’m in love with it every since the first try), so when I saw them plastering ‘30% Off’ signs across their windows I knew I had to go in.

I went in and they told me that all of their products are on sale, even the accessories, everything is off by 30% so I bought the 2 pillows you see billow. The one on the right is my second one of the same kind, I bought one back in february, but one wasn’t enough. The pillow on the left is one I’ve been eyeing on the net for a long time, I’m gonna use it tonight.

I don’t know what you guys are using but these Tempur pillows are amazing!

I bought the MultiPillow (left) is for KD26, and the Symphony pillow (right) is for KD31.

The Bed Boutique is in Tilal complex, Shuwaikh.
Phone # 22256172


How Lions Spend Their Day

Want to see more Animals click HERE


Only in Electrozan, Starting from tomorrow they will be selling the iPad 3G 16GB, 32GB and 64GB for the prices of KD299, KD379 and KD429 respectively. Plus a silicon cover for your iPad will be included along with Apps and 1 year warranty.


Do you remember when I was looking for the BandLuxe router? well a couple of days ago I got a phone call from Hameed telling me that it is available in Hawalli for KD51. I wanted and needed one. So I went ahead and bought it.

Since this is my second 21.6 Mb/s router after the Dovado 3GN router, I’m going to go through the same review process, which will be based on:

  • Shape
  • What’s inside the box
  • Installation
  • Speed
  • Compatibility
  • Price
  • Drawbacks
  • Conclusion

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Whats wrong with this picture? It was captured on saturday in Failaka.

Well. It’s a car pulling 4 buggies back into the ferry boat in order to get back to the City after a nice a weekend on the island.

Except that it’s a Military car. Being used by a guy when he is Off Duty. Pulling 4 buggies that were on the island to be rented throughout the weekend.

How could a Military person misuse a MILITARY car for such personal gains in broad daylight!?

!مقيولة: من أمن العقاب أساء الأدب

Thanks Fawaz


I like looking at the shops windows (vatrenas) and I never thought of how creative a person must be to turn up with nice displays and decorations. Personally, I liked what MeBlogging did with this shop in 360 mall. I’ve seen other stuff on her blog, and I know that she is a creative person, but I especially liked this one. I think mainly because it’s so simple and easy to make! (the child in me wants that spray paint to soak everything in sight so bad!)

Check out her post for toys spray painting tips

Note: I had fun making the picture above by the way.