Zain took the initiative to put together 3 of Kuwait’s most adored Dewaniya games and put them into a single box they’re calling The Dewaniya Box.

The box is made out of solid cardboard material, and is likely to endure the Dewaniya usage. The 3 games are:

  • 2 decks of cards
  • Dominos.
  • Checkers (Dama in Kuwaiti).
  • Kot bo sita score pad and a Pen.

Zain, with the help of Kuwait’s Dewan Directory, have gathered a huge list of Kuwaiti Dewaniyas and is about to disrepute the first shipment of 3000 Boxes to the Dewaniyas and are in process of producing more to cover the rest of Kuwait’s Dewaniyas.

See the box in detail


Lisbon’s airport in Portugal celebrate 2009’s Christmas with passengers in a very cool and unique way!

Thanks Hussain


They’ve just announced their prices for the new destinations, its really amazing how they are low, specially Rome and Vienna, which the lowest prices in the net were in the range of KD160’s


This is my favorite picture on flickr right now. And it’s not photoshopped the girl just jumped into perfect position!



You want to see how its simulated?


Its confirmed now Mohammed Al Fayed sells Harrods store to Qatar Holdings for price of £1.5bn, So expect it soon to be in Doha 🙂


Thanks Taymoor


Electrozan are holding an event for the new 3G iPads at their Salmiya branch. They have 2 demos set out for you to try out and get their feel. They’re working on having them in store soon.

The thing with this event is that it’ll be kinda exclusive for you blogs readers. It is only advertised in blogs where Electorzan is a sponsor, so you won’t be annoyed by huge lines and lots of people waiting. You’ll get alone time with the device and try it out all you want. Fill the form below and you’ll have a slot reserved for you to try the iPad out. I was told there are gifts in store for you if you reserved your slot online and went to try it out.

Fill your form here

iPad 3G event is powered by VIVA Micro sim cards.




Just found it with one of friends, I don’t think it was intended for regular human cigarettes! But believe me its really HUGE!


My brother Hamad told me about the KDD ice cream machine, and he kept raving about how good it’s ice-cream is, how smooth the vanilla and how sweet the chocolate is. I didn’t give it much thought till the he brought it up for, like, the 17th time. I decided that I need to try it out and that I would probably need my camera to report it back in here. I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed, at all.

The shop is a KDD shop, never knew such shops existed. Heard about the one in shuwaikh but somehow it did not register, I mean a KDD shop? Why?

I went in and there were a couple of guys in there paying for their cons and were about to leave. I knew I had to take pictures, and I wanted the shop all to myself, I had many questions for the seller too, so I waited. As soon as those guys exited Read the rest of this entry »


Since it summer season and most of us are thinkning of spending our vecation in one of the European countries, I just listed some useful information about most of the European countries such as Country name, Symbol, Currency, EU member (For the visa if it is within the EU then schengen visa is a must) and finally the Time zone.

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They’ve just opened their branch in Aalia & Ghalia Towers

Thanks dukeq8


Fat Burger is opening soon in a new place in AlMahboula area. The place is full of restaurants, one of which is Fat Burger. it’s across the street from Alia and Ghalia.

For more details visit أبو فلان’s post




The guys decided that it’s time to kick off the summer season. They’ve waited a long time for the weather to finally settle into summer mode, but it didn’t. And it’s hard to get all the weather elements we have in Kuwait aligned for a nice day at the beach (you know with all the dust, rain, wind, cold, hurricane and flying cows..etc) so when they woke up that morning and saw a nice weather, they decided that they should seize the opportunity immediately. And so they did.

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Wagamama has some new items; Beef Catsu Curry is now available. My friend who usually orders the Grilled Chicken catsu curry thought their grilled chicken version of the dish is better.




I did. An ants farm. I bought one. I was intrigued and disgusted by those little insects farms for a long time, and then decided that being intrigued and disgusted by them up close would be a better idea.


Never thought he’s also talented in singing.


Was doing some search in Google.com.kw and found the above logo. Its really nice from google to update there pictures between time to time. You can check it out HERE


ever wondered about the stripes in toothpaste ?

I’ve always wanted to know how they manage to get the red stripes on the white paste, and I always wanted to google it. Today I did. I expected something a bit more exciting to tell you the truth.

The tube has more than one compartment in it, one big compartment for the white paste, and another smaller one for the red paste. keeping each color intact and ready, and by squeezing it you’re applying the red on the white and so the paste come out striped.




Q8HomeMade is website that offer recipes of all sorts and also have a section full of Kuwaiti recipes.



This is the best robber mask i’ve ever seen! He’s 30 years old and robbed five banks and a drug store in three hours.

Want to see the hollywood style mask? Click here




^Click for a bigger version.

Thanks Abdullah