My brother Hamad told me about the KDD ice cream machine, and he kept raving about how good it’s ice-cream is, how smooth the vanilla and how sweet the chocolate is. I didn’t give it much thought till the he brought it up for, like, the 17th time. I decided that I need to try it out and that I would probably need my camera to report it back in here. I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed, at all.

The shop is a KDD shop, never knew such shops existed. Heard about the one in shuwaikh but somehow it did not register, I mean a KDD shop? Why?

I went in and there were a couple of guys in there paying for their cons and were about to leave. I knew I had to take pictures, and I wanted the shop all to myself, I had many questions for the seller too, so I waited. As soon as those guys exited another couple came in and asked for 2 ice-cream cons. And this kept going for a while. I asked for permission to take pictures while I wait for my turn and the seller was just too nice.

After awhile I finally was alone in the shop and I asked the guy for a mixed ice-cream con, chocolate and vanilla, but asked him to slow down the process so I could take pictures of the whole thing.

The ice-cream was delicious. Very smooth, light, and Sweeet! The vanilla, as described by my brother was creamy and light, while the chocolate was sweet and compensated for the lack of sweetness in the vanilla. The flavors complimented each others in a nice way. I loved it.

^I finished it while talking to the seller.

I asked the seller about the secret behind the ice-cream, and how come all the customers were grownups. Men with long beards, young, middle aged, and even an old man entered and asked for ice-cream cons while I was there. I mean it was delicious and I’d definitely go back again and ask for the same mixed con, but come on, it’s nothing fancy!

He said “it’s the best soft ice-cream in the world. Thats why. Other brands taste like artificial stuff, sometimes even like medicine, and some other brands feel like flavored ice, none tastes like KDD.” I don’t have any comment about what he said, but I think he was being too loyal.

^They sell their ice cream mix incase you have an ice cream machine, all you have to do is pour the mix in the machine and you’re all set.

The shop has all kinds of KDD products, everything actually. And the guy was a delight to talk to. He told me that KDD is planning to open more than 4 shops in just a few months. One in Salmiya, one in Maidan Hawally, and a couple of other places.

The ice-cream con costs 250 fils. The cup is for 300 fils. Flavors are chocolate, vanilla or a mix of the two.

KDD shop phone # 22458595


This entry was posted on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 at 2:35 am

16 Responses to “Review: KDD Soft IceCream”

  1. Sinful Eyes says:

    finally someone talked about it ,, i ditched a lecture even once to get some of that ice cream !
    i even sometimes get greedy and eat one infront of the shop before leaving and then get in and get another one for the ride !
    it’s really really great ,, if not the greatest in a hot summer day ,,
    once i was thinking of buying the mix and like eat/drink it !! it’s freaking addictive !

  2. Mathai says:

    Driving into Shuwaikh can be a nightmare somtimes. Try the KDD outlet in Sawaber, its right before the gas station.

  3. Ansam says:

    I wrote about it too several times and how much I like to at3annallah in Shuwaikh just to know later that there is the same KDD machine in Qadsiya Coop Juice place. Yummmm my favorite

  4. Hamad says:

    mo gilnaalik jarba mat6ee3

  5. iLSuL6ana says:

    3ajeeeeeb!! awal kanaw eb3ona eb star juice, bs wagefaw!! http://www.ilsul6ana.com/2008/07/23/best-ice-cream-makena/
    looool wallah latheth! , bs mako mokan thani eb3a ghyer in Shwie5??

  6. Chirp says:

    Abyy ajarib! Is it better than the 99 Flake one mal London? Cuz although that was good I thought it was over rated, bas eb9ara7a I love everything KDD

  7. Mark says:

    Salmiya branch has been open for a few years if not more. Its where I get my box of silver from. The soft icecream though is not that great, its too heavy and too sweet. McDonalds chocolate/vanilla combo is better.

  8. BNDQ8 says:

    this is one of the best you can have when your craving for KDD…my dad use to take us to the KDD shop every month coz we literally take half of their products in bulk..yogurt,ice creams, milk , cream…just love it..and the ice cream is super yummylicious…we even put it up on our blog several times….but your pictures are awesome…

  9. TaLaL says:

    ohhhhhhhh 3ajeeb … tkhayal gabl kano yetskhdmon al cone mal fe’9a or thahab bedal al cone eli they use now … ham tara bel ma9na3 in shuwaikh ..

    Hamad chena yabeela wa7d 😛

  10. :::ShoSho::: says:

    Yum BUT nothing beats London’s 99 ice-cream with 2 flakes! Heaven!

  11. uk says:

    kdd choclate = pinkberry choclate 😉

  12. Shaikha says:

    yumm! the best, i agree.

    i always drive to the one next to our dawam, its in the same street where the global building is.

    great pics 🙂

  13. manayer says:

    best compliment with this lovely(not really) weather!

    hal ice-cream my daily stop awal ma a5ale9 mo7a’6arat ilshwai5!

    very delightful w y8leb mzajee to the better


  14. Ansam says:

    iLSuL6ana ako bel Qadsiya Coop: http://ansam518.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/to-q-or-not-to-q-that-is-the-q/

    And BTW the store in Shuwaikh sells Mini Thahab Ice Cream cones, maywanis yekhalis eb logmetain LOL hahaha bes cute

  15. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    I like their BANANA FLAVOR! 3adl 3adl muntaj Kuwaiti, mu sahil 😉

  16. Mackay says:

    If I’m not mistaken there’s also a KDD store along Fahaheel, same street as Sable. Will try the cone when I pass by there.