House of Etiquette are having an opening reception today May 3rd and wanted us to share this open invitation with you guys to the official launching:

It is with great pleasure and joy to announce that The House of Etiquette, Kuwait is finally launching!

After over two successful years of effort and industrious training in Europe’s leading internationally certified academy – The Etiquette & Protocol Consultancy and Modular Finishing School Academy of London – UK and a plethora of research in the field of education and etiquette, we are proud to officially announce the launch of The House of Etiquette, Kuwait.  The House of Etiquette has spent a generous time planning and forecasting educational strategies to suit our goals and aims, in addition to finding the personal and bespoke needs of our clients based in the Gulf Region. Therefore, our etiquette school is the first in Kuwait specialized to offer children with the grace of elegance and poise … an asset that would last them for a lifetime filled with professional and social success. Not only are children welcome to be a part of our etiquette school … but programs for young adults and adults are available to! Courses for young adults and adults will be launching soon…but courses for children will be offered first!

The House of Etiquette, Kuwait is very proud to state that it has been solely built on two young Kuwaiti ladies – Bibi Al-Ghanim & Ma’ab Al-Qassem.  These young ladies have an eternal passion and respect for etiquette – both classical and modern. Both Bibi and Ma’ab not only are certified in the areas of etiquette but in addition, Bibi’s knowledge further derives from her master’s degree in Education Management and Leadership whilst Ma’ab’s corporate educational background and over thirty varied certifications in the corporate realm combine to creating a formula of diversity and achievement. The House of Etiquette presents an admiration for refinement with a unique mission to spreading social grace and sophistication within Kuwait’s society. These young ladies are proud locals who know the cultural codes of the Gulf and are finally ready to share their knowledge with YOU!

Therefore, we would cordially like to invite you and your guests to join The House of Etiquette, Kuwait at its official opening reception launch on May 3, 2010. We truly look forward to having you become a part of The House of Etiquette family.

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House Of Etiquette Kuwait


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  1. Flana says:

    i wish the ladies the best of luck they deserve it 😉

  2. Saguaro says:

    Good luck girls!!