She had her first tattoo at the age of 35 and spent the past 20 years covering the rest of her body with tatoos which occupy 95% of her body. All these tatto was done by one single artist.

Thanks Ahmad


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9 Responses to “The Most Tattooed Woman in the World”

  1. That is so gross! I wouldn’t put even one on my body! Just henna that washes off…

  2. plastic says:


  3. manayer says:

    3balha 7elo ya3ne!!

    il7imdilla wishikr inas gamaw ysawon ay shay 3ashan ylftoon ilan’6aar

  4. itsokay says:


  5. Eeewwwwww !!!! who wants to be on a freaking guinnes book and have an ugly face like that !! ekhhh

  6. instantcravings says:

    i am guessing the remaining 5% is her scalp?

  7. noon says:

    thats repulsive !!!

  8. NMK says:

    StaghferAllah…one word.. DISGUSTING. ’nuff said