Its available now and you can get it for 5KD KD2 if you want to replace your existing E-Go sim or KD5 to buy a new one.


The same data rates goes for the Microsims. The packages:

Up to 600kb/s:

Zain Subscribers KD 13.5
Non Zain Subscribers KD 15

Up to 7.2mbps:

Zain Subscribers KD 27
Non Zain Subscribers KD 30

Up to 21.6 mbps:

Zain Subscribers KD 32
Non Zain Subscribers KD 35


This entry was posted on Monday, May 17th, 2010 at 4:33 pm

16 Responses to “Zain’s Microsim Cards Available Now”

  1. Q8path says:

    Elhamadallah finally 🙂
    I was waiting for it to be released
    Thank you

  2. Q says:

    why KD 5?
    الحرمنه اشلون صايره؟ فيفا بدينارين!

  3. Jacqui says:

    Please provide us with the different data plan offers from the 3 companies provided and whether there will be a prepaid data line available for us to use with the iPad.

  4. Mishary says:

    Jacqui, inshalla I will

  5. Yousef says:

    Q killa me3tereth? 😛 mashof feeha shay el KD5 kilish!

  6. Mishary says:

    Q, tara men 3omor Zain kanat takheth 5KD per sim

  7. Nab says:

    VIVA is offering the micro sim for KD 2 and the 7.2 mbps for KD 18, Wake up Zain.

  8. m7 says:

    i hate my viva 3g card le darajat enny ga9aot-ha belmoga9 w she7t-ha coz ba6e2a bshakil ghaby !
    i will receive my ipad 3g next week enshalla and I’ll go with ZAIN microsim

  9. Nasser says:


    el7armena eni adaf3ek 2 KD + 18 KD/Month for 2 Yrs contract

    Get a commitment plan from Zain and the sim is free.. PLUS, sim replacement is 2 KD.


    Take 2 things… the answers above, and a nap

  10. Chalet Hala says:

    i would like to give a free advise to all of you guys. never judge a book by its cover. when a company brags about an offer, price or a promotion, always ask about the full details. an example would be the micro sim where Viva said that it will sell the micro sim for 2KD ONLY IF you commit yourself for 2 years with the company. always look at what your getting into for the long run. hope i cleared a very important point out.

  11. H says:

    hi, is Zain’s the 13KD subscription on egde or 3G ?

    what i understood it makes a big different with the ipad and iphone.. since both are supposed to work on 3g

  12. Hind says:

    Hello ALL,

    Can you plz advise me i have a zain line with MIFI account and i have ordered the IPAD 3g wifi so what should i do now for the chip I HAVE NO CLUE and i dont want to ask zain they would be on there side ,,,,thank you all

  13. M says:

    Ya jima3a mako moqarana !

    VIVA offerhom better wayid o arkhas !

    awal shay 7ag el old customer eli mishtarken bel data o eli besawon change sim card just for 2 kD !

    o el new customer yakhthon sim card for free and there is two offer 24KD monthly with no commitment, and 18KD monthly with 2 years commitment !

    o sor3at’hom wa7da up to 7.2

    enyey 7ag zain el sor3a hathi eb 27 kd 7ag zain customer o non zain eb 30

    so wain el 7armana abi afham ?

    plz I need more explaination 3an el 7armana wainha ?

    more info about if my info not true http://www.viva.com.kw or 102

    thanks all

  14. M says:

    3ala fekra si3er change el sim card eb viva 2 KD ! 7ag all sim card , el 3adi or el micro !

  15. M says:

    el thaher enik enta ya teshteghel eb zain aw 3endik as’hom wayid eb zain 😛

  16. Marzouq says:

    There offers should be better then what they have! And i doubt we could reach those speeds in the iPad! I want to do some live testing to see whats going on!