Arabella, a grand project with an equally grand potential. It’s a project based around what most Kuwaitis love and adore and in some cases live for. it’s all about Food! and especially fine dining. The project promises the best restaurants, actually, in their words “the world’s best” cuisines, and the best atmospheres to create a great experience.

From their site:
“If the search is for the best possible cuisines then look no further.  Arabella has gathered the world’s best.  It has created what may be considered “fine dining central”.  All the “crème de la crème” of global cuisines offer their culinary genius here.”

The project will include:
“37 indoor / outdoor units to serve as restaurants, cafés, bistros, coffee shops, fruit bars, sports bars, ice cream parlors, pastry shops, steakhouses, cold cut delis, burger joints, bakeries, a spa & health club, beauty shop, salon, and more…”

It’s located in AlBadaa area near Palms and Sas. The project isn’t a future plan or anything, it has started and is already under development. I don’t know when it’s going to finish though.

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11 Responses to “Arabella”

  1. Mishary says:

    Wayeed ashya’a 7elwa sarat tefta7 bel bede3

  2. BuYousef says:

    Looks great… especially for the winter/spring months. But it won’t help traffic in the area!

  3. data says:

    as usual build huge stuff that get tons of traffic but don’t build a proper parking area .. way to go kuwaiti developers!

  4. tamer says:

    Hi there 🙂
    this is an amazing information
    do you happen to know whom shall i contact if i want to ask about renting a place to be used as a gym ?

  5. 7an6oor says:

    Very beautiful project!

  6. giggles says:

    7elow il project, madre laish thakarni fe marbella, spain.

  7. Alondra says:

    “based around what most Kuwaitis love and adore and in some cases live for. it’s all about Food!”
    really are Kuwaitis as shallow as that??
    u should be ashamed of ur self

  8. Yousef says:

    Alondra, deep breaths, inhale and exhale, it wasn’t meant as an insult, as I am a kuwaiti and no one in their right mind insult one’s self! so yeah it was meant to be taken lightly :p

    7asha hatha wa7na tawa bady elweekend elnas emchabrita :p

  9. manayer says:

    LOL 3adee yousef 6aaaf wala 3ala balik!

    question: tathkir il post ile ktabta 3an il fireplace b’shalaih..plz momkin a5eth r8am il moqawel etha ma 3alaik amer:s

  10. Taqroq says:

    Well it looks prerty awesome.
    But is this what we need ? More food ? And therefore, more fat people…
    They could’ve built a sports center … With proper fields for all sports not just football, and some proper sport shops that offer all the things people need to play their favourite sports.

  11. Zaid says:

    Data, before criticizing, you can see on the website that they clearly state “an abundance of parking”. Underground, outside, and valet.