Its 6:47 am and its 40! Then when its come to 3:00 pm whats gonna be?


This entry was posted on Monday, June 14th, 2010 at 6:43 am

10 Responses to “Hot Hot & Hot!”

  1. Frankom says:

    40 ! ouch .. that’s why i leave home early morning 🙂

  2. Tukmol says:

    The temperature on my car dashboard hit 50deg yesterday! Though the local radio station’s claiming that the highest temperature recorded (yesterday) was only 49deg!

  3. mm hmm says:


  4. a la Mocha says:

    A sizzling 60, minimum.

  5. Seabee says:

    Even worse was the news on this morning’s weather forecast that humidity will be “up to 95% today”.

  6. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Ya3ni i7na ishmt3awden 3laih?! No bigy u guys 😉

  7. manayer says:

    on the bright side…mako za7ma b’shwari3 hal ayam mithil ayam il midaris!

  8. Hamad says:

    ya3ni el kuwait w mid-june eshbekoon baraad w mo6ar? yuba tara mintaw eb geneve ;r

  9. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Touché Hamad! LOL ;P

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