My friend owns a Sushi restaurant called OiShii Sushi, and they came up with a new addition to the Kuwaiti Sushi scene, The Sushi burger (pictured above), which wasn’t available in Kuwait until they included it in the menu. They made a big deal about it and most blogs wrote about the new sushi burger.

My friend was disappointed and surprised that a new restaurant would use that same idea just months after Oishii announced their sushi burger. He knows that it wasn’t an original idea, but he also knows that no one thought of having sushi burgers in Kuwait until they introduced it in there menu.

I can’t help but think of this saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” It means you’re good enough to have imitators!

I haven’t tried Oishii Sushi yet but I will soon. I’ve been hearing very good things about it from mutual friends.

Oishii Sushi

Picture from Q8BlackMarket


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39 Responses to “Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery”

  1. Fatima says:

    belkuwait nemot 3ala eltagleed ge6a3

  2. s. says:

    so he is upset because someone “stole” his unoriginal idea?

    well boo-hooo

  3. Ansam says:

    Why disappointed? Think of it this way… if they wanna imitate you, you must be doing something awesome! Right?

  4. Mishary says:

    Wala tara as’haal shay el tagleed ! elnasss magamaw efakroon!

  5. saud says:

    Sooooo your friend stole an idea from someone creative outside of kuwait .. and now he’s pissed that someone stole his stolen idea?

  6. z says:

    a similar experience happened to me !! i shared details about my business with my cousin only to find her using some of my ideas for her own business !! it hurt .. i was never fully understood by my friends since my ideas werent original to begin with .. but i know for a fact my ideas werent used in kuwait before and i know i influenced her .. it botherred me !!

  7. Miss one says:

    nice idea, ra7 ajrba elyoom 😉

  8. Abdulla says:

    Well Well Well…….. laish etsamon hal shai taqleed before u try them both then decide each burger sushi is VEEERRRRYYYYY
    DIFFERENT same name i tryed them ……e.g all cars are called cars but different models so mala da3eeee hal mawathee3 ili malhaa da3ee
    try them …u`ll notice that what i`am saying is 100% right
    good luck to all o ili lah rezgaa betyeee

  9. Abdulla says:

    Different meat , different sizes ,different quantity….try then speak speak speak…..ya7ibkm 7ag hal swalef yal kuwaiteen 🙂

  10. Hamad Jasem says:

    Well the true disappointment is the bias you have towards your friend, I am the menu owner’s brother and I can guarantee that the creation of that Beef /chicken burger sushi was original 100% as I was there during testing and brainstorming sessions. I saw Oishi’s “creation” and mentioned it after the menu was set and after your friends very hard worked marketing campaign ( Kudos, if that rest did the same you would be saying the opposite) . Ba3dain your friend borrowed it from the international Scene before he put it out in the Kuwait Scene. Is it unheard of that someone else has the brains to research outside the Kuwait market Too? Oishi imitated and added and so did this restaurant. There aint a lot that is not out there somewhere and by there I refer to the world. Negative marketing and finger pointing on an imported unoriginal idea is where your friend or you lost my Kudos.

  11. Nasser says:

    check it out and u know whose idea is this (oishii)


  12. Hamad Jasem says:

    Add the picture and you’ll see how diffrent they are …I hope macdonalds does not get as pissed off at burger king as your freind is. Besides both restaurants really did a number on a very good cuisine . Fish is best for Sushi. Thats my story and am sticking to it LOL.

  13. Hamad Jasem says:

    Two thumbs up to Japanese cafe and rest, Melbourne AU as the well deserved flattery contest winner 🙂

  14. Abdulrahman says:

    ta`7th il ideas min bara il kuwait o enseer e7na ili created it
    sushi burgers since 2007 in the states….
    laish ur upset ….. market is open in kuwait o il kil esawee ili yabeee
    il sha6araaa bil quality and marketing . mako shai molk a7ad
    il kil enaam 3al janb ili eray7a 🙂

  15. Bo9ale7 says:

    Well honestly speaking , I’ve tried and seen the sushi burger outside kuwait since like 2007 I’m sure ina oishi owner never said ina he created the idea bas atleast he brought it to kuwait, my only point ina why in kuwait once people see something successful in kuwait everyone imitate it, homemade cupcakes, home made food , home made drinks etc. My question is why don’t people try to bring new ideas why imitate something already in the market rather than try to bring new concept to kuwait regardless if it was brought from abroad or was locally created. Its easy to steal a local idea rather then searching for something totally new or bring something from outside and not available in kuwait. Good luck oishi thumps up for your efforts of creating a new japanese food concept in kuwait

  16. مريم says:

    إشفيكم متسرعين ترى ما قالو شي عنكم يستاهل كل هذا بسم اللة …. ريييييييلاكس

  17. Nasser says:

    …oishii`s sushi burger is different COMPLETLY than the new sushi burgers maybe names are similar but different in everything size taste and soya sheet …. kuwait is open for all ideas 🙂 mafee 7okook akil 🙂 u can check it out then compare

    my regards

  18. M says:

    Wow, the idiocy.

    Nothing was “stolen” or “imitated”, because the idea isn’t his in the first place.

  19. manayer says:

    hadaw hadaw!! mala da3ee nijra hnee!!

    HAHA bo9ale7 takmil 3ad lo pokerface mawjoda bl maw’9oo3! LOL

  20. Yousef says:

    There is no need to get all worked up and defensive. This wasn’t meant as “negative marketing” at all. Can you see your restaurant’s name anywhere in this post? Nope. So obviously this post wasn’t intended to hurt you personally in any way.

    Ofourse no one has rights over the dish, and this post just underlines a bigger phenomena in Kuwait, the phenomena in a nutshell is: No one can try and do something new, locally, be it original or imported, without having other people on their coattails.

    The same point was elaborately stated by bo9ale7 above.

  21. Yousef says:

    manayer LOL! tathekereeen wallah

  22. Buzz says:

    see and taste then make it a TOPIC .. il mawthoo3 wayed malah da3ee

    mawthoo3k ilyoom a7laa about the 4G ….

  23. Anonymous A says:

    I have to agree weya bu9ale7..why have to imitate idea’s that are already brought up between the Kuwaiti society? People in Kuwait..LOOOOOOOOOOVE to imitate, especially what’s successful.

    A suggestion: Bring new stuff to the table, wanna do something creative? Look outside Kuwait and not in!

    Oishii sushi..keep on being the best.

  24. Bo9ale7 says:

    Looool manayer faleeech magebalnaaah , al7eeen etyeeech 3ad weya thegalat damha shefokna menha loool

  25. ban1 says:

    oishi oishi keep up. enta ely balash t el fakara bel kuwait.
    bs feeh naq6a ena laish dawroon 3ala shy sahel . yeshofoon el afakar mawjooda bel kuwait then yeqaldonha . laish mo el wa7ad yat3ab 3alshan ya6ala3 shy mo mawjood bel deera. w yabtker feeha

  26. Abdulrahman says:

    kuwait market is OPEN o mako shai esmaa I CREATED IT we all copyed it …..
    The new sushi burger is created from the states not from kuwait ma7ad lah il write to say a single word or to say WHY
    check this site and you`ll know its from where

    ooo hopppaaaaaa 🙂

  27. MM says:

    ma7ad qalad ithani kil mn yab il idea mn bara o a3tiqid mafeeha ay moshkila coz wayid waaaayd “masharee3” taqalidat lakin ilbaqa2 lil2f’9al ana mara7 athker asami lakin fi wayid nas qalidaw nas thanya bs ili boga ho il af’9al wili gdar ydeer sho’3la bthaka2 ow ‘3aira sakar lo ho kan 9a7ib ilfikra il asasiya !! ilmoshkila mo bl imitation la ilkil 7or ysawi ili yabeeh lakin ilbaqa2 lil2af’9al ili ygdr ydeer sh’3la 3adil wela chan HERMES za3al ow ishteka 3ala ili yqaldoona kha9a la shaf ili 3ndna hni!

    i’m not a sushi fan (3shan ma7ad ygool ini ma3a hatha wila thak)

    @Yousef: 9a7ee7 ma7a6aitaw esem al rest. bs yakfi enek 7a6
    part mn al menu, nfs ishy 9orat al menu bitdel 3ala elma63am soon or later,, kan ilmafroo’9 ma yn76 kilish ow its hearts lil bit in7iyaz wathi7 li9adeeqik,, lo ana owner il rest ithani chan 6alabt mnk t76 il menu kila ma3a al contact # ;p

    anyways, good luck all hatha ilmaidan ya 7maidan kilwa7ed ywareena sha6arta 😉

  28. manayer says:

    6ab3an athkir! kent an6erik it7e6 raqam il moqawil fa kil yom afta7 il post;p

  29. Bo9ale7 says:

    I’m not sure why we are try to twist the post into 2 sides oishi friends and the other restaurant”s friends. I’m sure ina yousef never had the intention to raise up any conflict between the 2 restaurants. His only point of posting this is why would kuwaities imitate any successful part of business rather than creating or importing new ideas from abroad .. Its not a big issue to simply understand

  30. Yousef says:

    bo9ale7 I think coz they don’t read well, or maybe they don’t bother to understand the things they read. If they do understand they’d realize that we never disagreed that it isn’t an original dish, and that no one has rights over it. Actually I stated that in the post itself.. bs shitsawy..

    MM It’s not en7eyaz. Its called having an opinion.

  31. Buzz says:

    bo6ale7 what you are saying …. laish il toyota feehaa 4 wheels
    o il nissan feehaa 4 wheels
    laish hal taqleeed o laish kilman yaab 7added o 7a6la 4 wheels il nas qalidoo o sawaw the same thing different options
    baba…… 2 VERY VERY VERY different creations…
    sorry bas i think intaw mo gadreen tistaw3boon il mawthoo3
    change the subject a7san

  32. nasser says:

    buzz…. laish il chesse burger ib macdonaldz qalidohaa burger king bil double chesse burger …. laaaaa hathaaa taqleed
    o ana mo rathee 3ala hal shai sara7a….

  33. Yousef says:

    amthelatkom malha 3ilaqa ib mawhtoo3 eltaqleed ely wayid 9erna inshofna bilkuwait.. 3asa ma a7ad sawala shay gamaw elnas o qaledooh.. mithil el cupcakes.. khal salfat elsushi 3ala keter coz obviously mestanfereen 3alaiha.. methalna elcupcakes.. nadry ena elcupcakes mo ekhtera3 yeded, lakin yom shafaw a7ad neja7 feeh gamaw kilhom o qaledooh.. 9arat ely matsawy cupcakes wetbee3, feeha balah.. yoba 3alaihom bil3afya.. lakin laish? o laish gomna inshofha ibzoda ib kilshay..

    kaifik menta rathy teqtene3 shay raje3lik, mo shar6 netefeq, kilwa7id lah rayah. bs salfat eltowayer etha7ik maltik 😛 ya3ny etqaren shay mithil el wheels, ely oho ekhtera3 min aalaf lisneen gabil la a7ad yesma3 eb toyota o nissan malotik, ib mawtho3 taqleed el ‘cupcakes’ bilkuwait… sij daash 3arth eb towayrik ya3ny..

    betgool towayer betgool mcdonalds o burgerking.. 7ata lawbetgool nayif.. 3alara7tik.

    hatha ely 3indy o salamatkom wet3eeshoon

  34. manayer says:

    uff 3ala ilnas!! kaifa ilwalad bloga o uhwa 7ur feeh! yah! mnashbina eb kil shay a3uthu billah! ma 9arat! mo 3ajibkum kalama fit7ulkum blog o entaqdaw 3ala kaifkum o yousif ra7 ytqabil il naqd eb r7abat 9adr! ilbayt bayt obona o ilqom 7aribona!!!

  35. Bo9ale7 says:

    lool tha7akny alexample mal toyota. yousef explained my previous to post bel taf9eel fa i dont need to repeat my self again …

  36. manni says:

    -What if the other restaurant has borrowed the idea independently from abroad without knowing about your friend’s restaurant?
    -What if the other restaurant has actually brought the idea long before your friend but you and your friend only knew it after?

  37. ban1 says:

    ana agool aster7awa aberklkom taqleed ahwa taqleed law 9ayer feekom chan awel nas antaqdtoo bs antaw tedroon ana amqaleed . w example wheel 6’a7akny hehehehehe. mithelk yedel enk bs taby tesoolf heheheheheheh

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